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Making Choices for Multicultural Education Essay

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According to Sleet and Grant, the Human Relations Approach of teaching tries to address the differences of the students in a basis of individual contrast from one learner to another. Through raising awareness of individual differences and its importance in the society, the students are to be given the chance to see through reality and be able to accept the fact that diversity is already a part of today’s society. It could be noted that somehow, the realization that the students would be able to derive from a socially designed curriculum would help them handle the need to reduce discrimination among each other and thus create a more definite way of handling differences among each other and survive their personal diversifications.

Naturally, the author of this paper believes how much the creation of understanding between the students is an important part of development for the young learners as they face a bigger arena of a diversified community outside the four walls of their classroom. Having them subjected to lessons that subject them to the need of understanding the limitations and strengths of their classmates, they are to be given a better chance to care less about their racial differences and give more attention to their individualities. With this attention shifted, they are expected to see through the gifts that their classmates have been given. Allowing others to cover for the shortcomings that they may not be able to attend to could actually allow them the chance to see the worth of others as well as with that of their worth as part of a continuously growing society.


Establishing a specific source of understanding among the students about the most common issues in the society that they are to face later on would give these learners a better sense of control and a better option for personal development especially in connection with the relationship that they are establishing with the society that they are living with. Practically, setting up a curriculum that follows through these guidelines could actually help the teachers or the educators eliminate the different complications of diversity and how it manipulates the relationship that the students establish between themselves.

This approach could best fit learners from grades five to ten (Bracket ages 8-12). This bracket is considered by the author because of the fact that somehow these learners are already knowledgeable about the most important issues that affect the society at present. With them knowing about the issues in the society, the aspect of social awareness and diversity balance among the students is expected to make a great impact in their process of learning practical matters regarding life and their communities. Basically, it is with this definition of the situation that the learners do not only gain the knowledge they need to deal with each other, but they also become well aware of how they should be able to deal with the people outside their classrooms.

Through constant inclusion of subjects, handling the human relations approach of teaching in class would become more influential on the lives of the students. The natural essence of implying unity among all would start in inculcating values of practical knowledge among the young ones. It is only through creating an environment that would properly host the multicultural needs of the students that getting the best out of the lessons become particularly effective and applicable especially when it comes to seeing the realities of the situations occurring in the society.   It could not be denied that there might be some issues arising when it comes to the application of this process, however with proper strategies imposed, the success of this learning process could be reached properly. 

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