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Learning Styles Essay Sample

Many people know that each individual prefer different styles and techniques of learning. Every person has a collection of style of learning. Some learning styles might be dominant to some people while to others they might be portrayed equally. People find themselves using a particular learning style depending on the circumstances. However, there is no learning style combination that is preferred, and that no person has a fixed learning style combination. It is easy to create ability to those learning style that are less dominant (Daft. R.  Lane P.2009).  

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Learning styles and intelligences

However, auditory learners are those students who learn through hearing things. They always struggle to comprehend a chapter they have read, but they experience a full understanding as they listen to the professor or lecturer. I am a learner who likes learning through listening. Auditory style has helps me to excel in oral exams, through listening to information given orally in lecture hall.

According to Daft (2009). many auditory learners are smart in telling story. They get solutions to problems by chatting them through. This style is important to K-12 students because it can help them learn best and create something new using technology.

Tactile learners, are also referred to us kinesthetic learners, are people who learn very well through touch and action. Tactile has helped me to internalize process and maintain information at my best that is when it comes to physical events and experiences. I always prefer to practically perform stuff rather than listening or reading. I do well in sports, musical instruments playing and anything that entails physical activities.

Tactile learning style is very useful to other people in that it helps them to have excellent motor skills and easily helps them learn through physical activities. It helps to understand the concept quickly and remember information perfectly well when they are practically involved.

Tactile style is very useful to K-12 students in that it can assist them to think, analyze, and evaluate as they physically engage themselves with technology. These students excel well when working with tools or developing diagrams (Daft. R.  Lane P. 2009).

Visual learners are those who learn things through seeing them. Visual learning students always keeps eye on the teacher by sitting in the front of the class and watching the teacher closely. Often, visual learners will find that information best when it is explained with the aid of a chart or picture. I learn best through seeing my lecturer closely as he explains things to me through diagrams. However, through Visual learning I always understand very easily the information that is being explained using either a chart or diagram in class.

Visual learning style has greatly helped me to be capable of working with colors and thus making me a good artist. I always find it easy to draw biology process pictures especially when studying for a test. The style is also important to other people since it helps them become good developers in their nation.

The individuals can develop an idea into an effective visual form. The style is useful to K-12 students. It permits them to play educational computer games which intern helps them to utilize the power of technology to transform knowledge and skills into solutions and new technology (Thornbory G. 2009).


Everyone has the learning style elements. Among the very many styles of learning we have, one or two or more are dominant. Therefore, it is important to identify your learning style and determine how easily you can apply it. 

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