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Education and Theories Essay

Education has been my favorite dream career since late years of my childhood. This was greatly influenced by my Mathematics teacher, Samuel, while I was in my seventh grade. Being an organized and gentle on slow learners like me, I came to be fond of him; he made me think of this career deeply. I had not imagined, leave alone think hard on it, that one day I would admire this career. My family is made of three teachers; my father, a popular teacher among many high-ranking members of my community, and my two siblings, Jane and Henry.

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One o the main reasons I like education is the fact teaching opens one’s mind and someone gets to know many characters in life. I like to see students pursue their interest and go for what they want and not for what others want out of them. You get to know the different characters in class. This will help the teacher know the different approaches for different temperaments. An introvert has a different way of seeing life which is different from that of an extrovert. Introverts are cool but they are not necessarily fools. They do the thinking silently. This is the exact opposite of extroverts who do their thinking loudly. These are the techniques that one gains while handling the students and they are invaluable in everyday lives.

The second reason for wanting to be a teacher is the fact that I like researching on the various issues in life; I was compelled by the simple fact that it is the little things that we know about everything that matters and not the all the things we know about one thing. I liked, or better still desired to unruffled most of the technological mysteries of this world. I desire so much to be able to explain to the yearning and the hungry hearts what these are. I like people who are thirsty of information and when I explain the difficult things to them and the y understand, I am satisfied.

My very last reason for choosing education is that political voice that is within me. If my history is anything to go by, nearly all the politicians have been teachers at one point of their lives. Teaching brings out that political aspect of one’s life (Noddings, 2006). You get to know the way many issues are handled when students come with their problems. One develops his genius when they interact with the different personalities. This will become a reality in the near future; watch this space. I like teaching not because of the returns or the promotions that I will get, which are hard to come by anyway, but because I like to interact with people and know their issues. If I can be of help in their lives, I will be more than glad to assist.

There are different education theories that have been in existence. Progressivism is a theory where the mentors should leave their studies to go for what they want. According to my first reason for taking the teaching career, they are very much close to each other. This theory states that the learners should be given their space to develop their ambitions. The teacher should be there to guide and not to force their own reflections in the lives of the students. Students should be given the freedom to pursue their dreams and not dreams of their parents or guardians. This has been my best interest in this interesting field.

The other theory of education is that of perennialism where it is the exact opposite of progressivism. The teacher is the enforcer of the knowledge. It is emphasized that man should think. The traditional aspects of education is strongly emphasized (Pring, 2005). It was a common theory in the 20s and the 50s. This is one of the theories that have been against my principles and should I have met one of the teachers betraying these characters, my career would have taken a different path.

The other theory of education is that of essentialism where the three tools of learning is strongly emphasized; reading, writing and arithmetic. It puts off perennialism as being too Aristocratic. It was a common tool that has been in existence recently. This is the theory that I personally went through. With the current theories of management and education, this theory is slowly coming to its end or being changed for the better.

The theory of postmodernism is influenced by the fact that technology is emphasized in the imparting of knowledge. It is believed that the students will assimilate more when technology is applied in their quest of knowledge.

Behaviorism is the theory that nature should be used to impart knowledge to the students. The animals have a way of learning and this should be used to find a better way in which nature could be used to drive knowledge to students.

There are theories that I have come to accept as a teacher. I dearly believe that what works for a student will definitely work in other students too. I believe that there are philosophies that don’t work in the education career and they should be rejected. Theories that don’t work should not be applied anywhere (Noddings, 2006). The education researchers should be on the alert to come up with philosophies that have a positive impact in the learning process of a student. The philosophy of pragmatism closely compares with this personal philosophy. It follows that a proposition is acceptable if the practical application of it brings satisfaction to the students. It is widely believed that the practical applicability of an idea comes in the acceptability of that idea. It believes that impractical ideas should be rejected.

Other student believes in idealism where there is more emphasis in the ideas and not the impact of the ideas that is being applied to the students. More emphasis is given to the idea itself and nit the acceptability of that idea. I strongly believe that the idea should be given the attention it deserves and should be accepted only of it has positive results to the students. 

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