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Early Childhood Education and Care in Ontario Essay


The premier received a report by Pascal, his chief advisor on 15 June 2009. The report presents various methods to be implemented in the Canadian baby care schools. Pascal recommended various high quality full day kindergarten programs that would provide kids with a complete school life. The success of these programs would be due to the collaboration between parents and teachers. The programs are intended to be used as foundations to healthy and productive lives resulting to wonderful futures for the kids.

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The most suitable application

In the best future plans for the kids the most suitable application for the relational bureaucracy theory is outlined. The best future plans for the Canadian children intend to build up societies that are successful and innovative. This is by ensuring that children attain the early supportive learning, thus positive contribution to the society. The best future practices ensure health, security, confident, emotional and psychological competence among children as well as save resources.

The paper’s purposes

The relational bureaucracy encourages coordination among the parties involved as they share goals. The parents and teachers’ collaboration contributes to the high level outcomes thus attaining the goals stipulated. The relational bureaucracy provides children with equal chances to acquire formal education at the most appropriate age. Bureaucracy in early childhood educations and care (ECECC) establishes and defines relationships.


The responsibilities and duties required of each stakeholder having been distinguished allows for uniform integration. The past of each individual is analyzed in the organizational theory and amends made thus smooth continuity. Development of this theory in ECEC is explained by the paper promotes professionalism thus competence.  

The ECEC strategic trends in the model development include parent’s cooperation to support their under five year’s children’s education. Relational bureaucracy as a model describes the summer programs as well as the improved parental leave by 2020.

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