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A Positive Effect of Computers on Literature

Computers have a positive effect on literature of a child where they provide is with exercises that strengthen the learning of precise skills taught in classroom and issues out instant results on the correctness of the response. A child exposed to computers has the ability to develop visual skills by observing information, which is given through the monitor. The child will learn sounds and relate what the sounds mean in the early life. This child will be able to learn listening skills that are very important in a person’s life

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            Some of the fascinating books that I have read and helped to improve the ability to respond to issues in life include The Outsiders by S.E Hionton, which helped me to understand how poverty affects children’s growth in town (Hionton, p98). Roll of Thunder is another interesting book that explained how segregation really affected the life of people in the South of America; this is a fantastic book written by Mildred D. Taylor (Taylor, p144). The grave by James Heneghan teaches on the importance of supporting one another. Think Big by Ben Carson is another interesting book that educates people and makes them be focused in life and remain positive towards development.

             The most well known poet who wrote poems for young kids was Shel Silverstain This poet  wrote various  interesting and educative poems not only  to children to adults. He employed different styles to attract the attention of the reader. The styles that he uses include rhyming, repetition, and alliteration among others. Shel was born in Chicago on 25/09/1930. The aspect of this writer can be employed in a classroom situation by organizing the major points in poetry form. The tune and the organization should be simple for the learner to recite thus making the learning more meaningful.he wrote many poems including what if.  

            Mapping in teaching is a very important aspect. It involves creative identification of key terms in atopic and organize them in diagrams of different shapes. It can be very effective when these key words are identified and put forward to the child in form of a story. The story should be very appealing to the child to make this child eager to tell thus leading remembering of the facts easily. The storybooks identified in this context can be helpful during teaching of young kids. They will induce human values and the ability to remain one self. More so, the characters in the book can be used to explain some facts. The characters can also be given names related to the topic during teaching. 

            All these methods can be employed in teaching of young pupils in schools to help them remember the facts in different topics easily. For instance, poetry can be used to teach one topic, storytelling in another topic and computers in another topic .this sends a message to teachers that there are very many methods that should be used in their lessons. It also indicates that when effective teaching methods are used, there is high potential for pupils to perform well.

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