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October 20, 2010

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John L. Vogelstein,

American Advisory Board

450 Mallard Point

Los Angeles, California,


Dear Mr. John L. Vogelstein,

Following our previous discussion with the board members, we agreed that I embark on getting the appropriate candidate who will occupy the post of the out going chairman of your esteemed company. I am pleased to submit information regarding Mr. Bill Ruprecht.

Attached with this transmittal letter is a brief report on the above mentioned and the executive summary on the same.


S. Walcott for Maxis Recruitment Company

Enclosure:  Report

Executive summary


Report on Mr. Bill Ruprecht

  • Introduction

The purpose for this report is to look for an appropriate candidate to occupy the post of the American Advisory Board Company.

  • Method


  • Findings

Maxis Recruitment Company found out that the proposed candidate Mr. Bill Ruprecht is currently working with Sotheby’s Holdings Inc. an auctioning company that works globally and handles lots of money. He has managed to launch a sequence of sweeping activities, including stepping up Sotheby’s presence in Russia and hiring expert Xiaoming Zhang away from Guggenheim museum to develop a business in contemporary Chinese art. Recently, he started Sotheby’s diamonds, which sells jewels to retail customers, competing with the likes of Tiffany a big and well known company in addition he is looking forward towards to renting out the Sotheby’s brand name in order to add some steady fee income. He took over following the jailing of Alfred Tubman the then chairman. As we found out he has launched a sequence of sweeping initiatives to boost the company. He is also looking for new ways to bring in cash. He is also looking to rent out Sotheby’s brand name so as to add some tidy fee income. He is rolling out an innovative marketing plan for high end clients. At the same time he has refocused the company on high-end items and eliminated the low end. The company has fully recovered the major blow that was suffered some six years ago that saw it almost being closed down. He admits that in this business one is faced with unpredictable events but despite all this the going is strong.

  • Conclusions

We concluded that Mr. Bill Ruprecht is the most appropriate candidate to occupy the post given the circumstances at American Advisory Company. This is due to the fact that he can handle lots of money and is not tempted like the former chairman of the company who ended up being jailed.

  • Recommendations

We recommend that: i). Mr Bill should be approached soonest possible

ii). He also should be briefed on the present conditions of the

  • Company

 iii). Should be told on when to take up the job

 iv) Mr. Bill is equal to the task

Executive summary

Maxis Recruitment Company embarked on looking for the appropriate candidate to occupy the position of the chairman. The main objective of the report was to brief the members of AmericanAdvisory Company on the progress so far. Using interviewing method the recruitment company settled on one Mr. Bill Ruprecht, currently the chairman of Sotheby’s Holdings Inc an auctioning company worldwide. The company suffered a major blow some six years back that almost led to its closure but bill managed to bring it back on its feet.  He has achieved so much with time and appears to be able to handle some cash since he has not been implicated in any scandal since he took over. He appears not to succumb to any pleasure amounting from competition from other companies. He keeps alert always. They used interviewing method.

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