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Police Superintendent Position

Having read your post on the Today Daily newspaper dated 3, June 2011 regarding the position of a Police Superintendent in your organization, I hereby declare my interest in this job and apply for the same. Please find attached a copy of my resume for your perusal.

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I am a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Disaster Management from Arkansas Tech University having graduated in the year 2009. I also undertook an Associate Degree in the same area at Hamilton Lavity Stoutt Community College graduating in 2006. On top of this, I hold several Certificates in Command having attended the relevant courses in Jamaica and Bermuda as reflected in my resume. These have equipped me with the necessary skills to undertake the duties that relate to the office of Police Superintend. It also meets the academic qualifications that had been indicated in your advertisement for this vacancy. My experience spanning three decades at for Royal Virgin Island Police Force is a terrific asset which I intend to use in my new job. My performance in the police force is also distinguished for firmness and fairness. This explains my spectacular rise in the ranks of the force since the time I joined. I won a promotion after another in recognition of my devotion and loyalty.

I am currently an Inspector tasked with managing the daily operations at the East End Police Station. The officers at my station have been commended for thoroughness and speed in tackling security issues. My leadership skills and dedication has also been commended and rewarded. My job entails training and inducting new recruits, skills that will be useful in this job. These are qualities that will be useful in my new job as a Superintendent of Police. My academic qualifications, skills and working experience as stated above and elaborated further in my resume attached places me in the best position to undertake the duties of the aforementioned office. In addition, my track record is a proof of a public servant ready to serve people with diligence irrespective of color, gender, age or status.

I welcome the opportunity of an interview to discuss this further and am ready and eagerly waiting for the opportunity to work with you. I look forward for your positive response. Thank you in advance.

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