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I am writing to show my interest in your current opening for a Vascular Surgeon at your York, PA branch. I feel that I’m the one for this position. I currently became Board Eligible and will pursue the credentials needed in this field. I have attended Columbia University and have taken away from it many ideal skills and much knowledge that an Ivy League institution is best known for. This prepared me for John Hopkins and allowed for a well-rounded education in all aspects of medicine. I see York Hospital as a great opportunity to further my experience as well as bring my already strong work ethic and sound credentials to benefit your team.

I have volunteered at your hospital for many years. York Hospital has always been my ideal choice as far as working environment goes. I got the opportunity to see the hospital both from the perspective of a patient as well as an employee and found it exceedingly enjoyable regardless of the situation. The company is part of a huge organization of medical offices but still retains the personable and caring nature that is normally reserved for smaller doctor clinics. I hope to uphold and adapt that frame of mind as my own.

Your hospital has many great things to offer and is a pride of York County.  I would see it as an honor to work for a company whose mission goals are to improve access to affordable healthcare, educate, and to make local communities healthier.

The recent events at the hospital also have a lot to do with my desire to be a part of your group. York hospital devotes a lot of its resources to research and new development. Just this month, the hospital pointed out a smarter choice of C-diff detection, earned a “Stroke Gold Award,” as well as an extensive e-commerce that led to a national award. My choice of med school had a lot to do with its reputation in research. I have always been eager to learn more about all aspects of human illnesses and want a career where my natural sense of curiosity and observation would be valued. As a physician I ask why, how, and when all day every day and plan to do that for my entire career and if being presented with a situation where little is known, I am able to diagnose intelligently and take the proper course of action. This is the small distinction that makes a good doctor into a great one. I plan to bring my own genuine interest in peoples lives and turn that into a way that would help me solve their problems. 

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