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Cover Letter Essay Sample

Robbie Karpin

12 Emerald Street

Clontarf, QLD 4019

M: 0411 427 114

W: 3403 4888

E: robbiekarpin@yahoo.com.au

November 22, 2010

[Recipient’s name]

[Company name]
[Street address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient name]

Following your advertisement in the November 20th Washington section of post classified concerning your need for a biology teacher graduate in your school, I am very much interested in applying for the teaching position.  I have completed my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from Australian Catholic University and I have a teaching experience on the high school level, in both urban and suburban school districts.


While in school I used to guide students in practical sessions and research. I guided year 8 students in a flower lab dissection with suitable procedure. I also guided the year 12 students in appreciating the advantages of stemming in biological research, as well as, the ethical side of biological research. Due to my already acquired knowledge and experience I can develop effective lesson plans over a broad range of topics and within different levels of academic field, work with physically and emotionally challenged students, and keenly observe the approaches to effective classroom management.     

I passionately look forward to putting my experience and knowledge into action in the public high school system. The week after this I will be in California, and I wish to call you then to give a reply to any queries that you may have.  I can be available before then at (041) 142-7114.  I hope you will consider me. Thank you.


(Handwritten signature)

Robbie Karpin.

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