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While making my resume and cover letter I was prompted to make choices that were crucial in writing a professional work. The first choice I had to make in writing there above documents ability to choose the job description of a Mechanical Engineer-CAD Designer in the Digital Monitoring Products Inc. I chose that specific job simply based on my job experience as well as on the fact that I a major student in similar profession. In addition to that I strongly feel that I am confident I that I will deliver as an AutoCAD designer in your company because I have worked as professional AutoCAD designer for three years with Aerotech firm as with the PCB systems from four years. I also chose the job described above because I have more than three years of experience in similar job of designing PCB’s and enclosures for small consumer electronics. Moreover, I also have AutoCAD experience that will enable me deliver my duties while in your company professionally.

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I opted to apply for a working opportunity with your company because it will give me an ample chance to utilize my earned experience in the same field leading to success of your company as well as nourishing my career. I am an architect by profession and poses high professional skills and relevant experience which your company through my service to you will help me realize my career climb to the next level.

Decisions I made regarding my professional skills especially having communication technical, interpersonal as well as leadership skills is based on my performance and experience gained from my previous employers especially from being a CAD designer with Aerotek  where I was since year 2006 held and still(up to date)held responsible for assisting in the development and drafting for the manufacturing processes, creation and revision of production drawings, preparation of final sketches of proposed drawings, drafting of multi-view drawings of machines and products and finally development of companies and difficult design layouts and sketches. My other source of information on my decision making is exception communications skills learned in my career whereby I am a fluent communicator in four languages including: French, Arabic, English and Turkish while at same time having proven leadership skills while heading CAD/CAM department constituting of 3PCB designers, one harness designer and 3 mechanical engineers with one documentation in charge. Other experiences include skills in suing AutoCAD and CAD start, handling and designing of multiplayer, Flixi circuit, double side, single side and high speed PCBs.

During the assignment I was able to employ various tools first one being conducting some consultation regarding the writings to be done and I was able to visit my instructor on two various occasions where he advised me accordingly regarding making of some cutting especially on my resume. We had to consider cutting on the pages of my resume from two pages to the recommended single pager. I reached the decision because most career professional recommended resumes to short and precise and especially the career of mechanical engineering. Apart from visiting my instructor I did not talk to any other person regarding my assignment.

The second tool I utilized during my writing of my resume as well as the cover letter is the two website: www.seslisozluk.com and the dictionary.com  the which I specifically used to translate my language to English and proofed t be very useful in accomplishing my application writing task. In addition to the two site I was also able to learn from the Career.com that you were your company was looking for a mechanical engineer-CAD designer and it caught my attention when you specifically mentioned on the requirement of a mechanical engineer with both leadership and CAD experience which I find myself in the bracket of your requirements.

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