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Application for an Internship Position Sample

In reference to an advert posted on employment.com on 16th July, 2011, I would like to apply for the above mentioned post in your financial institution.

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I am a senior accounting major student who is looking for an internship in a blue-chip company. I feel that having a chance to work as a member of your team and in a company of your caliber will help me reinforce my skills by interacting with your able staff  who will help me form a stable base upon which I will start my career. I will be comfortable with any department in accounting because am endowed with the basics of the profession.

For the last one and a half years, I have been attending practical in a major government institute and was assigned duties in the department of trade. In that role I had the responsibility to settle and balance trading accounts on a daily basis on various instruments of finance like government bonds, and shares with the help of other staff members. I can work under minimal supervision and I easily acclimatize to new working conditions.

I am a goal-oriented individual who is diligent in everything I do and I am able to work under pressure with a motivating team like Flats Auditors. Besides my degree in Accounting, I studied several courses that are pertinent to my profession like business law, corporate governance, and pricing financial products.

With my excellent working experience that is reinforced by academic qualification, I believe that.

It is my hope that I will be of paramount use to your company and will strive hard to see that Flats Auditors will achieve the set targets and go beyond them. Enclosed is my resume and it is my hope that should you have questions that require my clarification you will not hesitate to call me with the telephone numbers above.

I am looking forward to meet you personally so as to discus about my candidacy. Thank you.

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