Essay Topics on Alternative Medicine

  • Healing Properties of Fruit Extracts. Nowadays, fruit extracts are being added to food, skincare products and hygiene preparations because of their ability to do wonders to human organism. Therefore, out of all the essay topics on alternative medicine, this one can be particularly interesting for all the consumers.
  • Ayurveda Principles of Nutrition. The wisdom of Indian nation is embraced in the ancient manuscripts about health of human organism - Ayurveda. How this sacred knowledge is applied to the modern life all over the world, and what the basic principles of nutrition are according to Ayurveda can be the subject of your paper.
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  • New Findings in Biofield Practices. The studies and researches on alternative medicine are being held constantly, and their most recent results are in the scope of our interest. You might devote your paper to biofield therapy approaches and their effectiveness, supporting your ideas with the statistical data from reliable sources.
  • Shamanism Practices in Modern World. However wild this may sound, shamanism is still being practiced today, and not only in the tribes, but in developed world as well. An idea for your paper would be to make an overview of these practices in the world and research if any of them are offered in your local area.
  • Acupuncture and Fertility. This could be one of the most popular alternative medicine research paper topics, as any fertility center, besides conventional medical preparations and procedures, offers acupuncture as a helping tool in conceiving. Choosing to discuss this inn your paper will guarantee you tons of available information and interest from the readers.
  • Alternative Medicine Risks. Although alternative medicine is generally perceived as the safest among all the healing methods, some studies show that it can have side effects and actually pose a threat for one’s health. Therefore, it can be a catchy topic for your essay, in which you may discuss the findings that show the downside of alternative medicine procedures and preparations.
  • The Component of Mysticism in Alternative Medicine Procedures. Although this may be one of the most controversial essay topics on alternative medicine, it is definitely worth developing, as it implies a study of ethnical, cultural, and religious roots of certain procedures used in certain procedures.
  • Public Trust to Alternative Medicine. It would be logical to suppose that if alternative medicine is popular today, there is a certain degree of mistrust to the conventional prescriptions and pills. Why people tend to trust complementary and alternative medicine? Is proper marketing related to this? How does conspiracy theory contribute to this attitude? These are some questions for you to address in your essay.
  • Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Developing Countries. Another idea for composing a good essay is analyzing the situation with medicine in developing countries. Which type of medicine is more widely used there? Which factors contribute to this? How are public media and financial state of the country involved? The international statistical agencies may possess the data that you will need for this type of research.
  • Alternative Medicine in the U.S. What is the current situation with the use of alternative medication and procedures in USA? Which directions are more popular and among which social layers? Illustrating your findings with accurate numbers will make your paper more persuasive and valuable academically.
  • Aromatherapy Standards. There are hundreds of companies producing oils for aroma therapy all around the world. However, not all of them correspond to the standards of quality required for this type of product, and the consumers are not informed well enough about these violations. In your essay, you can list the quality standards of proper aroma therapy oils and explain how a good product can be distinguished.
  • The Role of Religion in Alternative Medicine. Basically, any alternative medicine procedure has a religious basis. Prayer, yoga, and meditation are just some of the most spread examples, and their popularity is growing steadily. Consequently, this theme is worth picking out of other essay topics on alternative medicine.
  • Ozone Therapy. As an option, you could compose a paper about this particular kind of biologically active alternative medicine. You could discuss how and for which illnesses it is used and which action it has on the organism in general. In addition, the side effects and dangers of ozone therapy should be shown.
  • Alternative Medicine for Curing Cancer. In an essay with this topic, you can list the existing anticancer cures that are applied in the world apart from the conventional treatment. It would be an advantage for your paper to include the results of researches and scientific data on the matter.
  • Arguments against Alternative Medicine. The official national medical institutions are quite radical about the alternative medicine approaches, as well as numerous researchers, who criticize them. Their arguments include the lack of scientific proves of alternative medicine’s effectiveness, subjective nature of its principles, no patents for such preparations, no higher medical education available for the doctors of alternative medicine, etc. Discussing all these statements and finding some supporting or denying arguments can be a good idea for your paper.
  • Faith Healing. Another option for composing an essay is showing examples of faith healing recorded in different religions and regions. Also, it would be useful to provide criticism for these cases from authoritative medical scientists or journals.
  • Immunological Benefits of Alternative Medicine. This topic allows to discuss such aspect as immunology and show how alternative medicine procedures contribute to strengthening the immune system of a person. You should describe the specific forms of alternative medicine and the ways of their implementation, as well as the studies that have proved the efficacy of such treatment.
  • Energy Medicine. The New Age culture with its mysticism and interest in ethereal concepts like energy and non-material dimensions has made energy medicine more popular than ever. Your paper can be devoted to this phenomenon and its specific features. What kinds of energy medicine exist? Which tools does it use? What do we know about energy medicine? How much do people trust it? These are the aspects to address.

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