Essay Topics for Women Studies

Essay topics for women studies can be hard to choose from, especially with all the existing directions available for research. While deciding which theme to devote your paper to, keep in mind that a good women’s studies essay topic should address problematic issues from the studied sphere. The best solution is choosing a topic that you personally find important to research. The following list of essay topics for women studies contains the themes that you might worth focusing on.

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  1. The psychological mechanisms involved in female self-harm.
  2. The evolution of the concept of femininity over the past 100 years.
  3. Busy mothers of the 21st century: the shift in family values.
  4. The ideological basis of the Colored Woman’s League.
  5. Patriarchy in the works of classical literature.
  6. The need for reforming the law in Indonesia: feministic perspective.
  7. Women at military service today.
  8. Female characters in Russian fairy-tales.
  9. Comparative analysis of the women’s empowerment across Europe.
  10. Contemporary female visual artists: shaping the cultural legacy of today.
  11. The role of women in gothic culture.
  12. Shame and sexuality in girls raised in deeply religious families.
  13. Confessions marked #MeToo: global sisterhood of sympathy.
  14. Model agencies criteria and the tastes of the public.
  15. Female classical writers and their influence on readers.
  16. Women in the Bible: analysis of the gender roles and powers.
  17. Staging and performing as elements of female sexuality.
  18. Patriarchy in Christian religion and its reflection in Christian families.
  19. The image of successful women today as compared to 20 years ago.
  20. The notion of intersectionality of women in politics.
  21. American women poets and their contribution to the world’s culture.
  22. The achievements of 1970s feminism movement in the U.S.
  23. The influence of contemporary pop culture on sexual self-identification of teenage girls.
  24. Vogue: shaping the concept of beauty.
  25. Psychological roots of endometriosis: it is not about physiology only.
  26. Female radical right politicians and their philosophy.
  27. Living a Feminist Life: objective critical analysis of the book.
  28. Feminism in Islamic world: challenges of freedom from religion.
  29. Atheist movement in the U.S.A. and its vision of women.
  30. The vision of female role in the “New Turkey” order.
  31. Women at World War II.
  32. Sexual revolution in China: a shift from traditional female roles.
  33. The issue of legalizing abortions in India.
  34. Sexist ideas among teachers at school: recent researches.
  35. Fashion icons and their impact on forming the image of an attractive modern woman.
  36. Women in post-soviet states: gender roles, values, images.
  37. Female characters in Norwegian myths.
  38. Social and legal perception of sexual violence in Iran.
  39. Psychological counseling for female victims of domestic violence.
  40. A woman who comforts: the concept of good wife in Korea.
  41. Beauty industry and its impact on the self-representation of women today.
  42. Gender power and stereotypes in the characters of Disney’s princesses.
  43. Sexism towards employees: does it still exist?
  44. Cybercrimes against women: statistics of the past 10 years.
  45. Maternity leave from academic studying: benefits and risks.
  46. Importance of family planning for the modern women.
  47. The aspect of sexuality in female superheroes.
  48. Female leadership: which qualities are required to be viewed as a boss?
  49. Child-free: are women with no family perceived as less feminine?
  50. Higher education and its effect on gender power in Asian countries.
  51. Adultery law in Korea: female perspective.
  52. Media image of European female politicians.
  53. Comparing the income of migrant female and male workers in the U.S.
  54. Extreme violence acts by females as a result of gender inequality.
  55. Anti-feminism as a key element of gender equality philosophy.
  56. The issue of sexual violence as a part of tradition in Korean culture.
  57. Feminism in Eastern Europe: recent advances.
  58. Mechanisms of female decision-making in politics.
  59. The phenomenon of selfie and its impact on perceiving female sexuality.
  60. Feminism on Internet: digital activity of the philosophy.
  61. The structure of families in post-soviet countries.
  62. Females from the perspective of liminal politics.
  63. Psychological counseling of women with menopause.
  64. Queer femininity as imposed by the media presentation of female sexuality.
  65. Femininity in 21st century: what it takes to be regarded as a woman today.
  66. Gender differences in healthcare needs and services.
  67. The phenomenon of transnational mothering and its impact on the concept of family.
  68. Female refugees in America: preserving identities.
  69. Feministic ideology in Latin America.
  70. The changed concept of a woman in postwar Italy.
  71. Social pressure on young mothers.
  72. Behavioral peculiarities of Afro-American women in Europe as a cultural heritage.
  73. The potential effects of the use of women’s bodies in advertisement.
  74. Female film directors and the issues they address in their works.
  75. Female prisoners and the gender peculiarities of their stories.
  76. Unequal treatment of females and males in legal judgment.
  77. Hijab culture as viewed by feminists: is it acceptable?
  78. Women’s rights for abortion and the legal background of this issue in the world.
  79. Motherhood as a threat to career promotion.
  80. Social status of women in South America.
  81. Glamorization of female image as a distorted perception of women.
  82. Lesbian movement and its connection to promoting feminist ideas.
  83. Young female activists and their chances to get support for their projects.
  84. Decisions of business women regarding reproduction: a tough choice.
  85. Abortion law in Ireland and the related controversies.
  86. Female farmers in Nigeria and their social status.
  87. Stereotypes and attitudes towards females working in service sector.
  88. Political knowledge of women in Europe.
  89. Abortion law in South Korea and its effects on the social structure.
  90. Arab Muslim female students in the U.S.A and the challenges they face.
  91. Transition to menopause as an essential phase of female transformation.
  92. Passing the wisdom: learning about gender from observing the older family members.
  93. Suffragette: Analysis of the ideas expressed in the film.
  94. Hijab policy in Iran and its limitations for female recognition.
  95. 20 years of fighting the female genital cutting in Kenya.

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