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Essay on Gun Control

How necessary is it to Control Gun Usage?

Indiscriminate shootings in schools, villages, and shopping malls are something America has witnessed in abundance in recent times. In all cases, those responsible were either killed or detained. Some culprits ended their own lives even before the police had time to respond or arrive at the scene. The end result, however, is that the USA continues to lose teachers, children, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. There is a decrease in population, but the issue perseveres. With so many shootings besieging America in very real Grim Reaper-like style, is better control of guns really needed? Or is the problem here a lot more serious?     

Various studies have shown that America suffers 31% of all mass shooting sprees. How could it be otherwise when some US states have not banned guns? Take Australia for comparison purposes. A total of 35 people died and 23 were injured in 1996 when a shooter indiscriminately opened fire. The incident led the government in Australia to think hard and implement strict gun use rules. Consequently, death by mass shooting has decreased in Australia or even been eradicated altogether.

There are some American politicians, such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who want better control over gun use. Both think that Australia is a good model for stricter gun control laws. While there is good intention on the politicians’ part, the question remains: why has gun control not been implemented by the USA government? 

There are people who argue they need firearms for self-defense purposes. Therefore, people acquire licensed weapons. Because of the terms, it is expected they will only use these if a particular situation requires them to defend themselves e.g. in the case of a hostage attack, burglary, or other situations of violence that require one to fight, ideally with a weapon they find most suited to the circumstances. It is said that life is precious and people can only protect their own lives if they are properly equipped. However, it is worth noting that in spite of this seemingly valid point on gun usage, some people do exceed the stated perimeters.

There are intoxicated and drug-addicted men who would go out, shout, curse whatever suffering they think has been inflicted on them, and would quickly unleash their frustrations on others. There is a temptation to think or say one would not kill another person, or that one would only resort to gun use if absolutely necessary. However, when normal reason is taken over by drugs, alcohol, anger, or mental illness, knowing right from wrong can become obscured. In these situations, people overlook their promises. They overlook the fact that people around them have not wronged them. The desire to shoot from a gun is the only thing they think of.     

There is a great responsibility that goes with gun ownership. One requires more than stern discipline to persuade others they would not use a firearm for any purpose other than to defend themselves. The teenagers who killed half an entire school were someone’s children and were not especially violent. They appeared to be safe and possibly assured their parents they would keep away from weapons. Yet, the circumstances can change when least expected.

Is there any answer other than gun control? It would seem there is. The USA could review every state’s gun ban laws. All states should be the same. No one should own a firearm on a whim or for the sake of it. Strict rules should apply to everyone. However, discipline should be applied as well as rules. Education should be offered to both adults and children on the impact of a gun ban or what might happen in a country where there was no laws governing gun control. People might take a while to accept new laws, particularly hunters and those who are enthusiastic about guns and ammunition. Everyone can take steps towards being responsible about gun use and in convincing others to only buy guns if these are needed in the capacity of duty. People need guns for protection purposes, but each person also needs to protect their own lives from themselves.