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Essay Introduction Writing

If you want to grab the reader`s attention from the very first line – you are in the right place. We will help you make the creative introductions quite effortlessly. First and foremost, you have to understand that the quality of introduction influence the general reader`s understanding of the essay. An essay introduction is something that makes the reader go ahead and follow the writer`s ideas. When the reader gets wrong impression from the very start, he/she is not likely to assess the entire paper with the good grade. That is why you need to follow the introduction essay writing rules given in the following article.

Introduce Your Topic

Some students prefer writing the introduction at the end of the writing process to make it perfect and avoid revision. It is a new and effective approach that helps economize time and efforts. Before writing the introduction, be sure to think about your topic – how can you make it interesting for your reader? What points will be discussed? Remember that your introduction is a brief overview of your topic, so try to make it as much informative as you can. Be sure to insert a good “hook” – a controversial idea or statement that relates to your topic and can grab the reader`s attention. It has to make your reader curious about the arguments presented in the paper. For example, if you write the book analysis, feel free to start your paper with the describing the author`s life and his writing style. Why this particular work takes a special place in his/her oeuvre? If the paper analyzes the current issue in the present-day society, feel free to write some statistics that will show why your topic is important. Some professors believe that introduction for essay as well as the conclusion is the main part of the paper. Therefore, the writer needs to put many efforts to do everything properly.

Be Brief and Informative

The length of the introduction depends on the length of the entire paper. If you need to write a two-page essay, your introduction should not be too long – feel free to write only five-six informative sentences. Also, remember that each introduction should contain a good thesis statement – the main idea of the essay that will be supported by the powerful arguments in the main body. We assure you that thesis statement is a particularly important part of your essay, so you have to be careful and attentive creating it.

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