Essay About Yourself

You can be assigned to write an essay about yourself in high school, or college. It also can become an important task for some personal reasons. However, many students are confused when they need to complete such a paper.

The first reason is having no idea about what he/she should write. Definitely, when you are assigned to produce a personal essay, it means that you have to write a story about yourself. However, while the subject is too broad, you may find yourself stressed out because of the huge amount of material. Hence, your first task is to define the specific topic for your paper.

Here are some tips on how to write an essay about yourself.

  1. Create within limits. If you have got the topic for your paper from the professor, you can let your imagination flow only within the defined task.
  2. Particularize your significant experience. Without doubts, you had many situations in your life, which affected you. Those can be remarkable milestones, a holiday celebration, college graduation or the birth of a child. In any case, you should try to be original and choose the topic that is unique for you. This will help you write a paper interesting for your readers.
  3. Put aside several first ideas. This way you can avoid the risk of sounding foreseeable and boring. If you want your paper to stand out among others, you have to introduce fresh ideas for essays about yourself.

Now, learn something about the proper structure of a presentable personal essay.

Write an eye-catching introduction. Remember that your major aim is to evoke reader’s attention and to interest him. It is not recommended to start an essay with clichés, such as “I was born” or “My name is”. This way, you risk to lose reader’s attention. Conversely, try to begin an introductory paragraph in an unexpected way. You can start with a known citation, passage from the novel or description of a scene.

When you are writing an essay about yourself, you can include in its body everything you want. You can describe some stories from your life or one memorable event that affected you greatly.

End your paper with a positive conclusion. It should not consist of several independent parts, and it would be logical if you wrote your conclusion as a certain summary of everything that was already presented in your college essay about yourself. Share your experience and feelings with readers, and tell them what events followed the described situation. Stay positive and confident in yourself.

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