Effective Study Schedule

April 10, 2017

Effective Study Schedule

Midterms often go in one of these two ways: you feel anxious after coming out of the classroom, but it finally appears that you did unexpectedly well, or you feel that you totally failed, and the grade you get only confirms this feeling. If you are the latter, do not be desperately disappointed. I have also been there. The good point is that you have a chance to reevaluate your preparation strategies and figure out what you did wrong. One fantastic trick is to make a study schedule. When you create a schedule, it actually makes you more motivated and enthusiastic to follow through the learning process.

Primary Schedule

As for me, I began with creating the schedule for a week. Due to the fact that I do not have classes on Mondays, I left the day out. Then, I filled the schedule in with mandatory routines such as calling to the family, club meetings, dinners with friends on the weekends, watching my favorite cooking show, workout time, etc. Thus, I simply wrote the routines I used to do every week.

Brief Study Windows

Then, I labeled the gaps between my classes as “study time”. Even if the gaps were as short as 20 minutes, I planned to use them for studying. You will be actually surprised how much work you will be able to do within these short gaps in a week. On Tuesday alone, the gaps made 4 hours of time, which I could spend on studying, and this was ideal. The benefit of studying within these gaps is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment when your day comes to the end.

Complete Schedule

It will actually increase your study time immensely. So, now you should add in extra hours outside of your classes. Personally, I wake up early in the morning and do my mandatory routines. In this way, I have some time for rest and avoid crazy nights. In addition, I start my study sessions at 9:30 AM in order to do homework before my classes begin. Studying at this time, I avoid doing my assignments late at night and have enough time to focus on the homework. Due to the fact that my assignments change every week, I used to leave some blank spaces to fill in later. However, if you have the same assignments every week, it gives you an advantage to plan your schedule beforehand.

Study schedule gives you a possibility to devote enough time for doing your assignments and preparing to classes effectively. Divide large homework into parts and do it in small portions every day. Soon, you will see that the assignments become manageable if you do them according to your study schedule.


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