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Easy Ways to Build Your Self-Love

July 17, 2017

Easy Ways to Build Your Self-Love

I was jealous of that type of people who are always confident, courageous, who move forward despite any mistakes or obstacles. I, on the other hand, continuously struggled with that low self-confidence I got and which deprived me of taking my place of those lucky people, admired by all, including me. The lack of self-love resulted in countless lost opportunities due to doubts in my powers, as well as in ruining my belief in myself and my spirit. One might think that it’s easy to become confident, but in reality, this is the hard and demanding work but not impossible. It took me years and lots of attempts to build my confidence and now you can learn these simple but effective ways of building self-love.

Gratitude notes

Being thankful for little things is a real talent. Not every person can stop for a moment, look around and nootice those invaluable moments that happened over a day and which brought so much joy and happiness. However, if you learn to write down these things, contemplating about them and your feelings, you will feel much better each day. Start with one thing or something small, which you usually take for granted and you will see how your little deeds will feel your heart with gratitude.

Try positive self-talk

In most cases when we make mistakes or experience embarrassments we tend to blame ourselves, saying things like: “I’m a bad person,” “I’m a loser,” “I always make mistakes,” etc. Instead of focusing on negatives, say positive things to yourself, for instance: “Yes, I made a mistake, but I am trying to make it better,” “All people make mistakes,” “I will do it better next time.” You have to learn to be kind to yourself and teach yourself that your mistakes or screw-ups do not define who you are or the way people should treat you.

Use a mirror

It might sound bizarre, but it miraculously works and you should try it. Every morning when you wake up look into the mirror, have a look at that person and try proving that you do deserve to be treated in the best way possible, you will try again and succeed, and you are simply a good person. Programming your mind in such a way will help you to keep on that self-love track during the day.

Stick to it

 Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect that one day of treating yourself with kindness would be enough to build self-love and confidence. It is a long journey on the way to creating your own attitude to yourself, but in the end, it will be worth it.

The beginning is always difficult, but if you turn it into your habit, praising yourself instead of criticizing, your continuous work will bear fruits one day.

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