10 Down-to-Earth Facts About Life After College

February 14, 2018

10 Down-to-Earth Facts About Life After College

Some students compare after college life with the after life itself. We all have seen these little sketches about grown-ups at work. Coffee lines, fridges with packed lunches, interactions by the cooler, and gray cubicles. Today we would like to talk about the truth people rarely share, especially with those who can't find a job after college or those who have just begun their search. And while people may have noble motives for not ruining hopes and dreams, let us tell you something.

So here are a few things that are work-related and speculative at the same time. This is not the ultimate truth, but according to 82% of employed US population, it is so realistic.

List of Hints About Life after College

  1. Coffee

In college, many students have to pull all-nighters, but they opt for what is cheap and has the job done, like Red Bull or instant coffee + Cola. However, most people in their mid-twenties come to realize that it is almost impossible to function long on such drinks, and they switch to coffee. It’s some sort of weird morning ritual of caffeine oblation to the gods of productivity. With the years passing by, you will find some attraction in bragging about new sorts of home-brew coffee (even if it tastes like someone roasted a flip-flop, grounded it, and brew your coffee).

  1. Routines

This is the word that scares most people, however, if addressed properly, these are time and life-saviors! Being in college, you have somewhat 15+ hours to deal with everything, whereas an employee has less than 8 (if we take a regular 8-hour working day + 8 hours of sleep). Add commuting, dealing with laundry, dishes, etc. and you will have less than 5 hours. So stick to your routines and spend actually less time doing something boring.

  1. Lunch

You may think that skipping your meal will help you lose weight, but hell NO! You will be stressed, irritated, and hungry, and the last thing you will care is those new pants you tried to squeeze in.

Instead, relax, go and get nice lunch with colleagues or at least pack something to eat. This way, the world will be more bearable, and it will be much easier to deal with work.

  1. Hobby

You need to have a hobby, and you are most to likely to get a new one within the first year after graduation. This is a hard time, and while you may have some trouble finding a job, you will need something to relax and help you move on. And yes, you will get rejected several times before you get your first job. That’s fine, we all have been there!

  1. Adult Extracurriculars

Many adults have troubles with life-long learning and self-education, whereas you have to be smarter. You never know what knowledge can help you handle an important small talk with your boss or their spouse and in order to succeed and make the great first impression you need to do some research: learn basics of etiquette, read something about wines, and artificial intelligence.

  1. Sleeping vs. Partying

While in college, have your time and go to parties, because when you have a job, mortgage and responsibilities, you may find that skipping a party and going to bed early is …. refreshing in some way.

  1. Leftovers

You will get used to eating leftovers, moreover, you will master the art of freezing them and letting a big meal get you through the week. Why is it so important in terms of your first job out of college? You will be living on the tight budget. And unless you have a huge trust fund, being thrifty is extremely helpful. Yes, this will not save you millions, but at least you will have an extra couple of bucks to pay the bills.

  1. Your Real Education Starts Now!

Back in the days when I was a big-eyed scared little freshman, one of the professors told us “Forget everything you’ve learned at school, we will teach you everything you need!” My first boss has told me exactly the same words. However, he was more right than the professor. These are all the small things you will have to learn to deal with like awkward social interactions, creepy neighbor, stupid copy machine, and getting to work on time despite the traffic. You will learn what to do when you ran out of coffee and accept the world as it is.

  1. You’ll Quit…

As many people before and after you, you probably end up hating your first job out of college. And that’s completely okay. You got your foot in the industry or simply didn’t die from starvation, that’s already something to celebrate. And you will probably…

  1. …Get back on Track

We all did. The life after college graduation is just the beginning of the roller coaster, with its ups and downs. The main thing you have to remember is that you are not alone, you are not the first person to go through this and you can ask for help if you need one.

You may be wondering how important your first job out of college is, but let me tell you the sad truth: it’s not. You are likely to end up in some simple job and will let it help you get on your feet. And let me tell you THIS IS OKAY! While recent college graduate jobs enlist courier services, personal assistant, and barista, the true meaning is to help you adapt and find something you will love, or at least something to pay the bills and student’s loan.

It’s not an end of an era, but rather a rough beginning of the new chapter in your life. So smile, pour yourself some coffee, and go conquer the world!


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