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Do Something for Child Health Day

October 2, 2017

Do Something for Child Health Day

Importance of National Child Health Day

National Child Health Day is a very important day because it attracts the attention of American population to health and overall well-being of children. And it doesn’t matter if you yourself have children or not, the welfare of all children is important because they are our future and they will give back exactly what they have received. It is these people who are children today, who will lead our country to new horizons. Whether they will lead us to a better, healthier and safer future or not, very much depends on our input today.

The significance and essence of the National Child Health Day are not just to talk about the welfare of our children but also to recognize the factors that have a negative influence on children’s health and psychological well-being and to reduce or remove them. When Barack Obama was a president, he reminded the nation very scrupulously about the importance of anti-bullying initiatives, exercise, extending children’s health coverage and reducing the pollution of the environment. As a conscious nation, we should commit ourselves to improve the welfare of the whole society in general and youth in particular.

Celebrations of the National Child Health Day

National Child Health Day is celebrated on the 1st Monday of October. First celebration of this day happened in 1929 and ever since this day has been recognized as a great opportunity to emphasize the importance of children’s welfare as well as to perform certain activities to improve it. Thankfully to this holiday, people became more conscious about the health of our children and started to invest more time and money into programs that improve the healthcare of all children in the US.

So how National Child’s Health Day is usually celebrated and what can you do to improve the wellbeing of children? If you have children it is advisable to talk to your kids and ask them about how active they are and make sure that they are eating well. You can use this day to schedule appointments with doctors or to make a medical examination which was postponed for a long time. If you don’t have children, you can also engage in certain activities that will benefit kids in our country. You can participate in a charity run, volunteer at school or simply take your niece or godchild for a walk. You can let people know that you’re participating in child-health activities by using the hashtag #ChildHealthDay.

National Child Health Day is also a good reminder about children who don’t have good health. You can visit hospice centers that serve children of different age in your neighborhood. By helping kids who struggle with life-limiting illnesses you’re making an excellent contribution. However, the best way to help kids is not just to remember about them one day in the entire year, but to help them by consistently making monthly donations to the organizations that you trust.

Blessed are those who give.

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