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Dissertation Writing Manual

A dissertation is a complex academic assignment that is submitted to support one`s candidacy for a professional qualification or a particular degree. It is usually presented in author`s research and findings and require professional and a creative approach.

All dissertations are lengthy papers that involve extensive research of both primary and secondary sources as well as applying perfect writing skills acquired during the study. Also, when writing a dissertation, you should demonstrate a creative approach to analysis and organization of information. As you may see, dissertation writing is a complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, the following article aims to explain what is a dissertation and provide you with effective tips that will facilitate the writing process.

Consider the Following Points When Writing a Dissertation                    

  • Keep in mind that dissertation writing is a particularly important assignment for your academic career so you have to dedicate enough time to each stage of writing. Rushing with writing is a totally wrong approach since doing so you will fail to concentrate on the necessary details. We assure you that writing a dissertation is an important step for your future career, so you have to make a real masterpiece that will impress the dissertation committee.
  • You will be surprised but writing a dissertation itself if not the most important stage of the writing process. Before writing, you need to do some staff – learn the requirements, organize the working schedule, gather and organize the information, make some notes and talk to your professor. We assure you that the more time you spend on preparation, the easier the writing process will be. Gathering the sources is the pivotal point in your writing process. Remember that both the primary and secondary sources should be relevant and up-to-date (no more than 5-7 years). All the resources should be related to your topic and support or oppose your main arguments. All the books and articled used for writing should be easily accessible, so try to take care of it.
  • When the sources are gathered, learn how to cite them properly. Your requirements state what writing style you have to choose, so learn carefully its citing rules. We assure you that citing the sources properly, you will avoid plagiarism, even the unintentional instances. Plagiarism instances are vitally important when writing the academic assignments, especially dissertations because they reduce your chances to get a good grade. Therefore, once the paper is written, feel free to check it via several checkers to reduce the similarity to 0%.
  • Dissertation editing is also an important stage. When writing a dissertation, try to concentrate only on the content. However, when the paper is already written, be sure to proofread it and check if it is free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, check the punctuation and the word choice since they also influence the sense of your writing.

Avoid the Common Mistakes

  • Many students write the chapters of their dissertation separately without connecting them to each other. We assure you that it is a totally wrong approach since you have to understand that all the chapters of your dissertation are united with one topic. Your dissertation should clearly demonstrate the integrity and continuity of all chapters.
  • Wasting time is one more terrible mistake. Getting the requirements for dissertation writing, many students forget about this task till the last moment and then desperately search for online help. If you want to achieve success and create a good dissertation on your own, you have to choose a totally different approach. Once you get the task, feel free to start writing a dissertation. We assure you that it will help you to avoid the stress and frustration and submit your paper in time.
  • Sometimes the students neglect the dissertation proposal writing considering it as the unimportant task. However, you should understand that dissertation proposal is a particularly important stage of dissertation writing. It defines the problem analyzed in a dissertation and provides the brief discussion of the topic chosen.
  • Some students do not follow all the academic standards properly. If the professor needs a certain number of pages or a certain number of sources, do not violate his requirement, and he will be glad to assess your work with the highest marks.

If you need some professional help with dissertation writing, feel free to ask our experienced team for assistance. We are specializing in writing professional dissertations and many other academic assignments. Put your trust in us and you will not regret!

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