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Day of Women’s Equality

August 26, 2017

Day of Women’s Equality

The Americans celebrated the 45th Anniversary of the International Women’s Equality Day on August 26, 2016. This day honors the amendment in the Constitution that made it possible for the women to vote. The perception of women’s role in the society has been reconceived and since then considered as a guardian of the hearth. Until then, the main character of the family life was a man, while his wife was a servant and had almost no rights for anything. This was finally changed when on August 26, 1971, the American Congress made an amendment that opened a road for all the women of the USA.

Why Women Should be Equal to Men

Great female mind

Even though women have been discriminated throughout the entire history, they are usually much smarter than men, that has been repeatedly confirmed during different epochs. Thus, in 2015 a really clever English girl – Nicole Barr – has taken part in an IQ test and scored unbelievable 162 points that are considered the biggest amount ever achieved in Intelligence Quotient test, implemented by Mensa. This number is greater than results shown by giant brains of the nowadays as Steven Hawking and even Albert Einstein. Another wunderkind that shocked the world was a little 13-years-old Ruth Lawrence who completed her mathematics bachelor’s degree at Oxford University. Women are not worse than men – sometimes they are incomparable and always surprise with their intelligence.

Political discrepancy

Never before have women been elected to the leading political position so often. Previously, only male representatives were allowed to make political decisions and a female politician was a far cry from reality. Some time later, the situation began to change, when in 1960 the first woman prime minister was officially elected. It was Sirimavo Bandaranaike who happened to rule in Sri Lanka for almost 20 years. Among the Islamic nations, it was Benazir Bhutto from Pakistan, who in 1988, was chosen to rule the country and performed amazingly successful. Again, women tend to perform extremely well even in politics, if allowed by the fellow men.

Award winning women

Women show themselves really smart even in science that confirms Marie Curie – the only female holder of two Nobel prizes in chemistry and physics. Moreover, she is the only person ever to get the prizes in two separate branches of science. Apart from Marie, the title of the youngest holder of Nobel awards is Yousafzai Malala – a 17-years-old Pakistani education activist who has made a great influence on Pakistan society – she was first who stood up to the Taliban to defend her right to education. All these facts show how incredible women are.

There is no doubt that equality and tolerance should dominate in this world. We believe that Women’s Equality Day is a great holiday to unite the world and make it an equal place for men and women.


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