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Dating in College Must Be Creative and Unique

September 18, 2017

Dating in College Must Be Creative and Unique

Believe it or not, dating in college can be the most romantic period even without spending too much money or leaving campus. Thus, if you have started a relationship in college, it is highly recommended to consider the following tips.

A guide on how to make your dates unique and creative when you are in college

  1. Every girl is dreaming about the prince from the fairytale that her mum used to read her about in the childhood. Thus, it is high time to make this dream a reality. Built a homemade fort using pillows and blankets, lit candles or hung small twinkle lights, choose a romantic comedy to watch, and simply cuddle. Undoubtedly, it will be a very romantic gesture, since one of the childhood dreams will be realized.
  2. The majority of colleges have good sports teams, which usually have games. Make a date out of a football, hockey, basketball or baseball game. This is as simple as it is exciting, as you can buy some snacks, take silly photos, and enjoy your favorite sport together with your partner. 
  3. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money in order to have dinner in a restaurant. You can just dress up fancy and go to the dining hall. In order to add some romantic mood into your evening, bring a bunch of flowers or candles. Probably, it will look a little silly, but your partner will definitely love the idea.
  4. A lovely stroll around campus is another idea of a date. Even if this seems too simple, you can always spice up your date. Take a blanket and enjoy the view of the sky when you get tired of walking. The combination of a nice conversation and the beauty of the nature will be an amazing pastime with your partner, especially because you don’t do that often enough.
  5. Go somewhere nearby and have a picnic by taking some snacks and homemade food. It requires a bit of preparation though. However, your partner will absolutely appreciate your cooking efforts.
  6. An intellectual date can also be passionate, can’t it? If you agree that exploring each other’s interests can be romantic, have a date in a library and share what you are fond of with your partner. 
  7. If you want to have a relaxing date with your partner, then you should have a pajamas day together. This doesn’t require any efforts or preparation, since you stay in bed all day long. Cooking together will be a part of this date, or you can use food delivery services if you don’t feel like cooking.
  8. Doing festive things around some big holidays can turn into a date as well. Go trick or treate on Halloween, do secret Santa on Christmas, and make Valentine’s Day the most romantic day in a year. Use your imagination and creativity to spend each holiday differently by adding some personal details.

Romantic college dating to everyone!


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