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Cyber Monday Deals

November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday Deals

Among all the shopping sprees in the USA, Black Friday is considered to be the one with the biggest number of bargains. People create queues a few days before the big sale and rush into the shop to get the most desired products. Since the advent of technologies in recent times, Black Friday can be outclassed by another great day of sales – Cyber Monday. With the most of purchases are now made online, some people see no point in hurting themselves in endless queues and chaotic sieging of the malls. It is much more convenient to sit in front of your computer and pick up some cheap goods without any difficulties.

Cyber Monday Spree


With the sad historical background of Black Friday, Cyber Monday has a rather positive origin of its establishment. Unlike the Chaotic Friday appeared in the middle of XX century, with swarms of uncontrolled people bursting into shops after Turkey day before the Saturday’s football game, the term of Cyber Monday was first heard in 2005 when people went for online shopping after the Thanksgiving weekend. It was a pleasant experience for both shops and customers as the first ones got a decent income while the second a nice extension of the holiday.


As during Black Friday and a few weeks in advance, shops make unbelievable ads that say about huge discounts and great bargains. As this hype has been only beginning this kind of attraction worked really well as people were unaware of various tricks performed by shops. However, now as people are more self-aware, the advertisements are not already a working tool. Comparing to Black Friday, Cyber Monday sellers know that there is no need in publishing the bargains as the buyers will come to their shop anyway. Now, the marketing focus is different and while online salesmen are aware of it, conventional shop keepers still cannot put up with it.


With the online shopping getting more and more popular, some sellers are even happy with this. Recently it was a common deal to see people knocking down the door without any hesitation to grab a cheap microwave or a flat TV. Now, as the number of people generally decreased, there are almost none of such door-spoilers left at all.


With such an incredible speed of development, Cyber Monday has already outclassed Black Friday in the amounts of goods sold during the day. What is even more interesting is that these numbers are continuously growing, as the value of sold goods is estimated to be almost doubled since the last year. One of its secrets is shopping the entire day, not only in the evening. People like making purchases on the working place that is why the entire Cyber Monday turns into a constant flow of money.

Most Sold

Among all the categories, beauty products take the leading place. Different online beauty stores make crazy discounts and people cannot resist it. Clothes, perfumes, make-up accessories, and other goodies are the most sold products during Cyber Monday.

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