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Cramming for a Test – a Recipe for a Disaster

January 16, 2017

Cramming for a Test – a Recipe for a Disaster

When it comes to exams, students very often cover a lot of ground in the last moment before passing them. Nevertheless, research proves that burning midnight oil is a really bad decision. It means that they totally miss the point of the ways how the memory works. So, how to find an effective technique for memorizing?

The basic thing is to make a plan to follow while conducting research or doing a revision. This rules out a possibility to fall behind with a schedule. Being concentrated, we acquire knowledge and convert it to long-term memory.

To find the way out, we should bear in mind that cramming fails miserably. Almost 100% students confess to doing it. To put it in a nutshell, disorganization is not the main reason why it happens. Opinions on this issue differ drastically. Nate Kornell at the University of California explored that 90% of partakers preferred continuous studying and 70% of the partakers found cramming more effective.

The Effects of Cramming for an Examination

Once read could be easy to forget

Being on edge, we crack a book to pick up at least something. We feel the sign of relief with every page we read. As a result, our sensory memory is overloaded with the information that should be remembered by an examination. Such an intensive revision gives a feeling that you’ve familiar with a topic, but it does not mean you can recollect precise facts about it.

Biological guidance is compulsory to make it clear. Let’s be more precise. The visual cortex is one of the core elements of our brain that distinguishes information. Thus, depending on its level of complexity, the data is passed to the frontal cortex and the temporal lobe. These areas are in charge of recalling. But where is a guarantee your memory storage has already processed the latest info?

Metacognition matters

Metacognition is a capability to think critically. Therefore, it is important to rephrase the facts that you read about using your own words according to your perception. This way the probability of memorizing it is the greatest.

Accepting and dealing with such mistakes is the key to success. Develop your strategy how to learn better. Today is a high time to change the attitude and fulfill your thirst for knowledge. Get down to following the exam preparation tips mentioned on the way of transformation from a couch potato to a straight A-student. Remember, the main point of studying is not getting grades but keeping up with your self-development.


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