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College Guide For Students With Psychiatric Disabilities (Part 3)

February 9, 2017

College Guide For Students With Psychiatric Disabilities (Part 3)

To help students with mental disorders, it’s important to let them know that they aren’t alone. It’s especially important when a student doesn’t have support from his/her friends or family members. College campuses have to offer therapy and counseling services to those suffering from mental disorders.

Students have to be able to discuss their condition with their professors. Together they can decide on strategies aimed at adapting the curricula to the student’s needs. These strategies may assist students in attending classes, completing tasks, taking tests and exams, and doing any other assignments. In case the student requires any assistive technologies or accommodations, it should also be discussed. It is essential for the student with a mental illness to make sure that the social activities he/she participates in won’t cause any negative effects on his/her disorder. The student also has to make sure that his/her living conditions don’t cause any stress.


All these scholarships are available for the students who have recognized psychiatric disabilities. Some of them offer additional counseling for the illness. The requirements of all these scholarship and lists of necessary documents are different.

  • Google Lime Scholarship
  • NIMH Scholarship
  • Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa Scholarship
  • Business Plan Scholarship from Fit Small Business
  • Organization for Autism Research Scholarship
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities
  • Margaret Howard Hamilton Scholarship
  • RISE Scholarship Foundation
  • AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability.

Additional Resources

  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): being one of the National Institutes of Health branches, it is the leading federal agency in the field of mental health research. You can find news, academic journals, public reports and many other data on their website.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) was established in 1979 and became the largest organization in the US. The following alliance supports the individuals who suffer from mental disorders. This organization aims to ensure equal protection to everyone who has mental illnesses, provide people with a toll-free lifeline, to offer advice, and refer people to medical specialists.
  • Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) is a nonprofit organization that strives to promote the treatment and awareness of mental disorders. It also aims to help individuals overcome the stigma associated with mental health issues. It is worth noting that this center collaborates with the scientists who study mental health issues and develop new medications and treatments for them.
  • being supported by the US Department of Health and Human Services, this website offers toll-free lifelines and up-to-date information for all individuals who suffer from mental disorders.
  • Shining a Light on Mental Illness: an Invisible Disability is a blog that examines different problems encountered by the individuals who live with mental ailments.

Using these resources is crucial for people with mental illnesses to alleviate their condition and improve their life quality.

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