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College Bucket List, or Things to Do Before Graduation

October 6, 2016

College Bucket List, or Things to Do Before Graduation

From the numerous movies I have watched and books I have read, I made a conclusion that people start realizing how to live life to the fullest only when something bad happens or when they are terminally ill. Don’t you agree? If you are a college student and are reading this article right now, please find a list of things you MUST DO before college graduation. You don’t want to regret about the undone things and unfulfilled dreams, do you?

So, here is the college bucket list for any student:

  1. Have a crush? Confess! Want to kiss that girl/boy? Just do it! I know so many people who had a crush on someone in college but could not pluck up the courage to say it. And you know what? They really regret it. Do you want to add up to their list?
  2. Take pictures of people who have encouraged or inspired you. You probably have numerous pics with your friends, where you are partying or hanging out. But do you have many pictures with those who left a mark in your life? If no, start such a habit.
  3. Thank your favorite professor. Despite the efforts of all professors, you surely have only one who inspired you the most. Therefore, do not be shy to thank him/her for all the work and help. If you are really too shy to do it in person, send a thank you letter.
  4. Try the food you never ate somewhere on campus. Well, that’s really simple. You probably have just a few favorite dishes that you are constantly eating. How about trying something new? Maybe you will have a new fav?
  5. Write something for the college paper. Probably, you have a talent in writing. So, why don’t you check it out? Prepare some interesting article to your college newspaper. Share some experiences or just provide some tips for freshers.
  6. Take a picture of your room. It may sound silly to you at this very moment, but you will really regret if you don’t manage to recall the kind of room you were living during the college years. So, don’t hesitate and take a photo.
  7. Try some sports or other activities you have never tried before. College is really a perfect time to open up some new leisure activities for you, so feel free to try something you are not familiar with.
  8. Ask your favorite professor to sign their book. It will be a real reminder of the person you respect and appreciate so much.
  9. Don’t forget to socialize and be a part of campus traditions. Whether these are parties, festivals or other events you know nothing about, don’t be shy and just go there. You will surely meet some new people. Anyway, socializing is much better than just sitting at home.
  10. Join a club you don’t know anything about. I know that you have your own preferences and hobbies, but what about trying something brand new? Probably you would like handmade? Or drawing? New activities will surely broaden your worldview.
  11. Volunteer off campus. Even if you are a kind of an introvert, and you find it tough to communicate with new people, remember that volunteering off campus will bring you great experience. Besides, you have plus one point on your resume.
  12. Don’t forget about some events held in the town/city where you are studying. Even if you find your location not interesting, do not make your life more boring but visit some events organized at the local level. As well as that, you might be interested in attending some museums in the vicinities.

All in all, try to live your college life in a way that you won’t regret about any missed chances or opportunities.

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