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College Admission Essay

A university or college admission essay is a paper that each student should complete if he or she wants to apply for one of the college or university programs or courses. The following work should comprise 300 or 600 words. Since a university or college admission essay must be only two pages long, a student should carefully think about all the facts or information that he or she is going to provide in his / her essay.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of types of college admissions essay, such as personal statements, statements of purpose, letters of intent, and so on. It is worth noting that there are no unique rules or guidelines on how to write an excellent and exclusive admission essay. It is as clear as a day that each university or college admission essay is expected to be original and creative. It should also present all your skills, knowledge, experiences and merits that will assist you in enrolling into the educational institution of your dream.

The most significant points that should be considered while writing an admissions essay:

  • When completing university or college admission essays, it is of great significance to pay attention to an appropriate and acceptable tone. Try to find a balance between the business-like and formal tones. Please consider that on the one hand, you should show your respect for the university or college admission board, but on the other hand, you should follow the requirements of the educational institution to which you are planning to go.
  • Conduct some research on all the requirements, rules, traditions and standards that the university or college of your dream does follow very strictly. The following information will help you in choosing the tone of your future university or college admission essay. In the era of the internet, all the information you need can be found on the official web-site of the chosen college or university.
  • If you decide to apply for several colleges or universities, do not write only one admission essay. Complete two or three essays and send them to the chosen institutions. It is recommended to write each of your admission essay from scratch.
  • Do your best to stick to the chosen university or college admission essay format. If you fail to do this, you will lose your chance to become a member of the desired academic or scientific community.  
  • Remember that your university or college admission essay should be unique and creative. All what is presented in your essay should be aimed at impressing and astounding each representative of the admission board. 
  • Complete the list of all your merits, achievements, skills, experiences, and knowledge. Choose three things that should be paid attention to.
  • Be logical and clear in presenting your considerations.
  • Proofread your admission essay for several times. 

Read carefully all the university or college admission essay prompts regarding the mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Repeating the same ideas implies that you have run out of interesting information about yourself.
  • Presenting a huge number of examples or facts from your life. Remember that there should always be a limit in presenting necessary information.
  • Avoid using too many pronouns, such as I, me, mine, or my, as well as passive voice constructions.
  • Using too long and complicated sentences. Consider that reading and comprehending your essay should not become a tough challenge for the admission board representatives.

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