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Classes That Should Be Taken in College

December 20, 2017

Classes That Should Be Taken in College

Nearly all college students and professors hate the term ‘General Education’. Nevertheless, all universities require some basic courses. Nobody knows whether it is just for getting more money out of students or for providing a ‘well-rounded education’. Could these required base classes be really useful? What if we start taking courses that will benefit us and will help us in our future career?

The suggested list of classes reveals the ones that should be taken by everyone with no exception.


Let face the truth, this class won’t be enjoyed by everyone indeed! However, everyone will definitely benefit from it! No matter whether you are going to be an accountant or not, you are going to earn money, which means that you’ll pay taxes. Being able to file your own taxes avoiding a professional CPA, you can save yourself a lot of money. Make it real by taking a basic finance class, you won’t regret!


The written word will always exist, it’s only changing its forms, that’s why to be a strong skilled writer IS essential. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, you should have good writing skills as you’ll have to communicate effectively. It is up to you whether to take a Basic English composition or journalism. Before signing up, I’d recommend you to check what your school is strong in.


Most likely, you are going to work for a company, that’s why it really matters to know how it works at least on a basic level. Take a management or business course and be educated concerning how companies operate.

Political Science

Not every American knows who their elected representatives are, not saying about the participation in the last elections. Let’s try to do our best in order not to become one of those people, and strive to be an informed and voting citizen. Taking a political science class, you can study the basic structure of the government.


You should take it if it’s not included in a school’s Gen Ed program. The same as with the composition class, It IS essential in any field. To be able to convey your message and get your point across DOES matter anyway. To understand yourself and your audience, you should take an interpersonal communication class or speech class.

A persuasion class will be also a great and interesting one to take. Everyone wants to win every argument they get into.

Web Design/Development

No words need to be said about the overtaking power of the Internet. It’s an absolute necessity and nothing is going to change that! The skills needed to know the basic code and to edit web pages are preferred in many fields. You will become much more valuable to your future employer if you can create even simple graphics and edit a basic web page.

Create the best education base for yourself, taking these classes out of the many in college. It may be far more helpful than what your university requires.


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