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Christmas Celebration

December 24, 2016

Christmas Celebration

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the God’s Son, and they celebrate Christmas to commemorate his birth. The name “Christmas” comes from the Mass of Christ. At the Mass service, Christians remember Jesus’ death for people’s sins and his resurrection. This service was the only one that took place after sunset and was held at Midnight. 
Now most people from different countries celebrate this holiday whether they are Christians or not. On this day, friends and family get together and give presents to each other.

The Date of Christmas Celebration

Nobody can know the real date of Jesus’ birth. There is no date given in the Bible, so why do people celebrate it on the 25th of December?
The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on the 25th of December was in 336 A.D. when the first Christian Roman Emperor Constantine was in power. Several years later, Pope Julius I declared that this holiday would be officially celebrated exactly on this day.
An early Christian tradition said that Mary was told she would have a child, Jesus, on the 25th of March – the Annunciation is still celebrated on this day. And nine months after 25th of March is 25th of December.

Roman and Gregorian Calendars Switch

In most countries, the Gregorian calendar is used, which Pope Gregory XIII implemented in 1582. Before it was approved, people used the Roman or Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is much more accurate compared to the Roman one, which included too many days in year. Therefore, when there was a switch in the UK, the day that followed the 2nd of September 1752 was the 14th of September 1752.

Numerous Coptic and Orthodox Churches still believe the Julian calendar is the right one and celebrate the birth of Christ on the 7th of January. In several parts of the Great Britain, the 6th of January is called “Old Christmas,” because this would have been the day that Jesus’ birthday would have celebrated on if there were no calendar changes. Many people did not want to use the new calendar because they were convinced it “cheated” them out of 11 days.

Christians are convinced that Jesus Christ is the Savior, so the early Christians decided this was a great thought to celebrate a date of his birth. They also took for this holiday several customs from the Winter Solstice and gave them Christian meanings, among which are Christmas Carols, Mistletoe, and Holly.


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