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Choosing the Right College Major

October 11, 2017

Choosing the Right College Major

If you have an impression that everyone around you knows their path in terms of higher education, just throw it away, because it’s not a true one. There are people who look around, people who follow the flow, people who think they have an idea but in fact know nothing, and then there’s this small segment of people who really know what they want and pursue it. It’s totally fine to feel lost when it comes to choosing your major, because it’s an important decision which can’t be taken lightly. A lot of introspection, thinking and research should be involved in the process. Sometimes, you need to do a lot of research, sometimes you just need to wait and sometimes you need to talk to someone who can help you get it out of yourself. In any case, you shouldn’t haste with this decision. Some universities and colleges even advise students to decide on their major only during their sophomore year. So, how should you understand what fits you? Here are the top 3 tips to follow.

Be Patient

Very often, students make decision too early and a semester or the year later they change the course. Evidently, this approach doesn’t influence their education in a good way. During the first year or two in the college, you have to understand what subjects you like most and why. Be patient and wait till you understand the source of your passion and how you can apply it in a form of certain major and profession.

Try Out New Experiences and Interests 

When you’re entering college or university, most probably you have absolutely no idea what awaits you. It’s the era of discovery and you should use it to uncover your passions by trying out different experiences and interests. Choose subjects that challenge you and participate in an interning, job shadowing and clubs. All these experiences can lead you to major that you have never thought about was right for you.

Think about your early years at the college as about the time when you can build a diverse skill set. You never know what skills will be the most useful after graduation.

Have no Fear About Suddenly Changing Your Mind

If you have always dreamt about becoming a top manager, it would be really difficult to imagine a different path for you. However, as you study at the college or university and discover new information about yourself, you may start thinking about choosing a different major. Don’t be afraid of it – trust your instincts and pursue what’s in your heart.

Unfortunately, modern job market is changing really fast and you can’t know what skills will be required most when you graduate. However, you can use this situation to your advantage and adjust to the new reality by focusing on what’s trending, rather than overwhelming yourself with thoughts about uncertainty.


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