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Childhood Obesity Essay Sample

Doctors throughout the world have become deeply concerned regarding the spread of childhood obesity. What might be possible reasons of this issue? GMO? Junk Food? Heredity? Excessive eating and too much love from parents? In many cases, several reasons interrelate and influence childhood obesity. This childhood obesity essay discusses reasons and outcomes of the issue as well as explores possible solutions.

One of the key reasons of obesity refers to the sedentary life and lack of physical activity. Children have access to the Internet and TV 24/7. They might be playing computer games the whole daylong. Instead of playing basketball in the park, children prefer sitting in front of the screen and dream about iPhones that make their life less active.

During the past decade, even food was different. Many women used to stay at home as housewives and did not think about any full-time or part-time job. In modern days, even if one desires to stay at home, the family would barely make ends meet, implying that both parents are obliged to work. Cooking at home has become luxury due to the time constraints. Parents buy food in outlets and get it heated in a microwave, spending less time and money on cooking. Nowadays cooking becomes expensive and children eat fast food from their early years. Their body becomes too sensitive to metabolism changes and the issue becomes almost irreversible. When obese children grow up, it is extremely difficult to lose weight.

Usually a childhood obesity essay explores different health problems that children experience due to excessive weight: high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol, apnea, asthma and related problems with breathing, musculoskeletal problems, heart diseases, etc. Moreover, researchers state that children suffering from early obesity are more likely to die from a stroke, cancer, or heart attack than others. In addition, apart from the health issues, obesity among children provokes other problems such as school bullying and lack of self-esteem. Children tend to suppress their anxiety and either eat too much or suffer from bulimia, whereas neither friends not parents can be aware of it.

While working on your childhood obesity essay, do not forget to present statistical data in support of your claims. For example, during the last 20 years, the number of obese children has doubled. Such dreadful statistics shows that the number of other diseases increases too. More than 70% of obese children have at least one cardiovascular disease.


Americans suffer from overweight more than any other nation of the developed country. According to statistics, the percentage of obese people takes 33% (relying on the mass index of 30%). The second country is Mexico with 32% of overweight people. Some scientists say that obesity does not only reflect a health condition of the whole nation, but economics too. People who cannot buy fresh food and cook meals at home prefer buying fast food because it is much cheaper. Therefore, children simply do not have any other choice than eat junk food. At the same time, there are some countries that have deprived people of their paternal rights due to childhood obesity (Scotland and Canada are among countries).

In many cases, people do not understand what healthy eating is. They have to consult with a dietician or simply read carefully some social leaflets about healthy nutrition. Some people do not even expect that some meals include fatty food. If you want to be slim and healthy, you should get rid of excessive sugar consumption, saturated fat, white bread, etc. If parents introduce such changes into children’s life, they are likely to rebel and argue. Healthy food does not have such a strong taste as junk food. If changing eating habits does not help, parents should consult with endocrinologists to find possible causes of obesity.

Many parents think that obesity is rooted deeply into overeating. However, parents often give their children too many meals or portions are too big for such age groups. Therefore, parents should take eating habits of their children under control, which will lead to a healthy life style and psychological well-being.


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