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Case Study Writing

There are many types of case studies. The two main spheres where they are required are business and academic writing. In commerce a case study must suit specific circumstances, budgets, locations and categories of goods and services. In this essay, we will discuss what is a case study within the academic setting and the principles of how to write a case study.

Case studies are conducted with the aim of examining qualitative outcomes in research. The principal aim of any case study is investigation. It means that the person who carries out the case study needs to research, read, try, fully investigate, and complete a detailed report related to the process, as well as its outcomes.

In most cases, a case study has some practical applications, and may be implemented with the aim of testing a field of knowledge. It may also be really useful for training the students for identical real-life situations in their career paths after the graduation. They prepare the individuals for working in the office, factory, hospital, school, and courtroom, where investigation and conducting research are needed.

Main Points for Consideration

  • Case study format must be addressed taking into account two factors: the processes involved along with the methods of filling in the findings.
  • The case may be chosen by a student or assigned by a professor. It may be the performance of small businesses, the procedures of hospital rooms, or the multiple tasks performed in a café or gym, to mention a few instances.
  • All of the presented materials need to be thoroughly investigated prior to beginning to observe the studied processes. All of these observations are often recorded after the multiple tasks are completed. All the materials for a case study must be well organized and always kept together, and the pages with important data need to be highlighted in accordance with the set schemes. Card system is very good, as it helps to effectively organize the ideas.
  • Just as in any other assignment, specific facts and figures are far more essential than subjective ideas and points when it comes to writing a case study. All the mentioned facts and figures need to correspond with a plan, which underlines what the case study will investigate, when, and under which circumstances. The number of individuals who will participate in the case study, the locations where it will be held, and all other important details must be mentioned before launching the project.
  • Good examples of case studies must be accompanied with references properly formatted according to the rules of APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago styles.
  • One needs to take notes, as it is helpful for keeping all observations and data in strict order. Organization is very important, and one should work on time management skills in order to complete the assignment successfully.
  • The structure of a case study must be well planned. Every paragraph of the assignment must deal with one aspect or procedure and explain what may be observed in the chart or spreadsheet.
  • The writing needs to be formal, technical and very precise.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Do try avoiding the most common error found while writing a case study: employing old data gathered for some other study.
  • Do check the structure, which, if neglected, may simply weaken your hard work on a case study. It is very vital to carefully prepare a plan or outline for an effective work.
  • Do mention the important facts in order, rather than in a random manner. Arguments and data lacking logical organization is very primitive and not smart.
  • Do show broad consideration of all materials, and show how these materials are related to the study.


  • Don’t hurry up too much. When one is in a rush, a case study will surely be full of mistakes as well as big omissions.
  • Don’t forget that a case study definition is an observation, research, thorough investigation, taking notes and analysis.
  • Don’t hesitate about your findings! It is a factor that weakens any well-prepared case study. Take a confident stance and demonstrate your abilities.
  • Don’t submit the writing which has not been proofread for mistakes.
  • Don’t ignore the thoughts of your colleagues on the work. Sometimes the expertise of other people may provide absolutely new ideas.

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