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Can I Have a Pet in College?

April 3, 2017

Can I Have a Pet in College?

Some students love animals so much that they can’t imagine their lives without them

Is there a way to get a pet in college? Of course, there are some colleges that allow pets on the campus. However, choosing an educational institution based on the pet policy is a bad idea. Most colleges don’t allow students to have pets in the residence halls and on the campus because they have to comply with hygiene regulations and safety issues. The only case when you can request a pet in college, where rules prohibit having it, is when you need a pet for medical reasons. For instance, if you need a service dog. In such a situation you should let the college know about your special needs. They should figure out how to solve this matter and support your needs. In all other cases, you are not allowed to have a pet. Let’s suppose you want it very much. What options are you left with?

  • Rent a house. One of the most pragmatic solutions is to rent a house with your friends. It should be near the college and it should permit having pets.
  • Know what's allowed. You’re not allowed to have a dog or a cat, but maybe, you can bring a smaller animal? What about a parrot? They’re friendly, talkative, nice, and always have a great mood! You won’t find a better friend. Or maybe, your campus has some theme houses where you can bring pets?
  • Pet for a visit. If your family comes to visit you often, why can’t they bring your furry friend for a visit? If that’s allowed and this single visit is sufficed, go with this option.
  • Skype sessions. If previous option is impossible, use Skype sessions with your parents to check with your dear pets. You can’t cuddle them, but seeing your pet is already something
  • Consider volunteering at a shelter. If you can’t live without animals, this option will be just great for you! There are a lot of animals in need, and you can always show your appreciation and goodwill by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Go to your campus volunteer center or perform a search on Google to see the options that you can use. Maybe, you can make your own initiative on the campus? 

Remember, that when your life changes and you become a college student, you can’t recreate your previous life anymore. But that’s part of the game! That’s diversity! Also, understand that there are often city and county health regulations that make having pets at college impossible. In this case, you have to go with the options listed above.


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