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Australian and American Easter

April 15, 2017

Australian and American Easter

Australia and America are not dramatically different. The languages differ only on the dialect level, and most cultural features are quite similar. However, there are certain times of the year when Australians and Americans may collide. They are holidays. One of the most cherished holidays is Easter. Here are some differences between the Australian and American celebrations.

General Attitude

Australia. In Australia Easter is a big deal and a four-day holiday. You can expect everything to close on Friday morning and open only on Tuesday. It isn’t simply a tradition but a rule. So, if you need to buy bread on Friday, you’ll be able to do this only at a gas station.

America. The Friday before and Monday after Easter are not more extraordinary in America than any other days. Easter Sunday is treated here as a holiday, but you’ll still find some shops open, though they will reduce opening hours.

Easter Sweets

Australia. Chocolate is an integral part of Australian Easter, and sometimes, it goes to extremes. Easter eggs come in various sizes and with different fillings, and you will find a bunch of Easter bunnies in every house. Chocolate treats are so essential that they appear on the shelves of stores right after Christmas, and soon they become so numerous that occupy full separate departments.

America. Despite the fact that Easter eggs are still a symbol of the holiday here, you won’t see them anywhere before Easter is right behind the corner. The reason is probably that the Americans celebrate one more holiday in between – Valentine’s Day, which is not very widespread in Australia.

Egg Hunt

Australia. The objective of the Easter Egg Hunt in Australia is chocolate eggs. They are tactically hidden by the Easter Bunny and should be discovered during a game among friends and family members.

America. The Egg Hunt exists in the USA as well, but there are two big differences–it’s mostly an activity for kids, and the eggs are plastic. These colorful eggs contain small presents but, as you can guess, are not for consumption.

Finally, Easter in Australia is in autumn, so all spring symbols popular in America make little sense in Southern Hemisphere. Nevertheless, they are still widespread. After all, it is not about when or how Eater is celebrated but about the joy it brings.


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