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Asthma and Allergic Diseases Sample

Asthma and allergic diseases practically sourced from polluted environment has become one of the top listed aliments affecting the society today. It could not be denied that somehow, with the increased number of pollutants in the environment, this particular health situation has even increased in aggravation. Practically, as it could be seen proper visualization of the contributing factors towards the developments incurred by this particular health status. Naturally, the emergence of nutrition deficiency among the current generation of parents and the incoming new generation of youngsters has also been among the most common issues that affects the human society today. In recent studies, it could be noted that there had been some findings with regards nutrition-related health deficiencies that result to the development of asthma as well as other allergic diseases that affect the human respiratory system.

How do the nutrients and its state of lacking basically affect the process by which the human respiratory system functions?  And how does this particular matter affect the body’s development of asthma along with other allergic diseases? These questions shall be addressed within the discussion that follows as the examination of three primary studies shall be scaled in connection with their relative depiction of what causes asthma and other allergic diseases suffered by most human individuals today.

Biological Basis

Nutrition is a primary need for human life’s survival. The function of the different body parts rely on the adequacy of nutrients that they are able to garner from the food that they eat. Food, being the primary source of nutrients, is specifically noted to be one of the most important resources that humans need to give particular attention to. However, although there is a supposed suffice source of food, the preparation of right food that provides the right kind of nutrition has become a grave problem among many human communities today. With the emergence of fast food chains such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W and other particular known fast food producers, the human society has been opened to the idea of having food prepared fast and eaten on-the-go. The preparation for these food choices on the other hand results to much less defined source of nutrients. The basic necessity of preparing food properly has been overthrown by the simple though of “just eating”.

As a result, the development of ailments resulted from lack of nutrients as well as too much intake of cholesterol from the fattening oil used to prepare such fast food choices. Air respiration around the body becomes harder to process hence making it possible for certain allergies to develop as well as that of asthma. This has been the main reason why studies imposing that obesity itself could also aggravate simple cases of asthma among young adults. The more they become obese, the more dangerous their asthma attacks become. These claims have been further proven by Troianos’ (1995) entitled Overweight Prevalence and Trends for Children and Adolescents. In this study, he has further imposed on the possibility of overweight children to develop the chances of having allergic cases of asthma. Basically, their incapability to breathe properly or for the air to circulate in a proper manner within the body has been observed to be taken over by too much fat intake that in turn clogs the air passage (176).

Most often than not, it could be realized that the food human individuals eat determine the capability of their bodies to function for a better sense of providing the best benefits for the said individuals. Likely, this is the reason why it is strongly suggested to all that taking care of what they eat is basically taking care of their health and their lives. Basically, it is with the capability of the body to absorb all the necessary nutrients it needs that it becomes more capable of handling physical challenges that executrices the lungs and the entire respiratory system properly. It could not be denied that it is with these findings that furthering nutritional check among those who are suffering from asthma has been better suggested among specialists handling the said specific cases.


The revolution of researches handled to prove that the nutritional level the body receives from food intake has a connection to the development of allergic diseases as well as asthma has created a more specific presentation on how certain cases of asthma that are non-gene-related could still be resolved through lifestyle adjustment and health-watch betterment. In the study performed by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (1997) released and published under the title Guidelines for diagnosis and management of asthma, it has been strongly suggested that during the diagnosis of a certain respiratory-related case [may it be a diagnosed asthma or a supposed allergic disease] an involvement of nutritional check be imposed (198). This, according to the said study, would help the health representative to identify the possible source of the problem. Basically, this includes the need to create a more definite lineage of results basically considering the history of nutrient intake by the patient being diagnosed. Possible record of obesity could also help in identifying the reasons behind the occurrence of certain health problems relating to proper air circulation and respiration.

Supporting this idea is that of the study of William Cookson and Miriam Moffat (2001) entitled the Genetics of Asthma and Allergic Diseases; this study further aims to prove that genetic sources basically identify the reason behind the increased symptoms of asthma and allergic diseases among certain individuals. However, the process of doing so, Moffat and Cookson found out among their participants who had asthma yielded at least 34% reflection on nutrient insufficiency in the body (56). One of the said insufficient vitamins among most of the participants is that of vitamin D. For this reason, creation of supplemental sources of vitamin D had been developed. However, although the advancement of medicine allows for such progressive production, it could be noted that somehow, absorbing such nutrient from healthy food preparation and intake is more beneficial than actually taking in supplements.

Public Health Application

The studies on asthma as well as allergic diseases and the connection that they have towards the lack of nutrient intake among human individuals today serves as a wake-up call to all. Most of the time, human individuals tend to accept food preparations that are most convenient to their lifestyles. For this reason, even children become accustomed in eating ready-to-eat meals and other microwavable food products that do not actually have ample nutrients in them. True, as this culture over food intake continues to plague the entire human society, the rate of developing asthma cases as well as that of other allergic diseases would of course continue to rise. The basic necessity of giving back the attention towards properly prepared food is an instant solution to the issue. True, life has become much busier compared to that of the past years. It could be observed that somehow, a few minutes of preparation would not hurt especially if it gives better health and saves finance from being used for medication and other treatments alike. Truly, it is the proper depiction of nutritional education that could help the society see the importance of proper food preparation and better healthcare development among human individuals in the different communities around the globe.


Allergic diseases and asthma are indeed common health problems especially among children today. Through the depiction of a new found fact about the possible cause behind the development of this heath case as per mentioned within the discussion presented herein, it could be noticed that simple adjustments in the human society’s lifestyle could save millions of lives and money lost to treatment of such health ailments. It is with the ample attention provided by human individuals that this particular problem could be given practicable solutions. The serious attention provided by human individuals towards the betterment of this case naturally creates a more vivid specification as to how simple the prevention of asthma and allergic disease occurrences among human individuals could be handled. Through taking small steps of giving attention to what is served in the table for the family to eat, human individuals could avoid the chances of developing serious cases of asthma hence protecting themselves from the possible pressures and challenges of financial struggles involved in dealing with the treatments needed to attend to such health issues.