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Tips for Students Applying to College

October 30, 2017

Tips for Students Applying to College

Transition from school to college life is not easy because these are basically two different worlds. But you will have nothing to be afraid of if you follow these five tips: 

Communicate and stay in touch with your counselor 

Your counselor can benefit you greatly, because he or she most probably has a lot of useful knowledge that you may require. Take the advantage of communicating with your counselor in order to make plans for your future. But bear in mind that in order to help you make a decision that suits your inner needs, your counselor has to know you well enough. For this reason, you need to take the first step, arrange the meeting and start building up relationships. Also, don’t forget that counselors are there not just to consult you. They can also help when you’re in the middle of crisis or just bring you to senses in case stress takes its toll.

Perform your own research

Use the Internet and resources like  to navigate in the world of academia. Websites like MyRoad offer you to take a personality test and then proceed to showing you the list of career possibilities based on the results of your test. You should also check how you need to pay for the college on the websites like 

Start early and avoid procrastination

All of us know what procrastination is – you have to move mountains, but you’re sitting on the coach and watching Netflix. Just think about it – selecting the college is one of the most important decisions in your life, because you’re choosing your career path, you will learn how to act in the world and you will probably meet people who may become your life-long friends or partners. And do you know what procrastination will do to you? It will kill your future! That’s why you should start researching the opportunities as soon as possible. Just ask yourself – what will my life look like if I do not take chances?

Let your parents help you, but don’t let them do everything for you

People who need to apply for college aren’t usually very enthusiastic about what parents say, but you shouldn’t ignore them. They wish you all the best and most probably they will pay for your education, so you should try listening to them more. But the research stage and the main choice need to be performed by you only. It’s your job to understand and find out what you want, fill the forms and write admission essays.

Visit colleges early

It’s difficult to make a decision without seeing the college. It often takes 10 minutes in the college to understand that it’s your place, but how can you understand it if you haven’t even been there? The more colleges you visit and the earlier you start visiting them, the better.

Follow these 5 tips and they will work for you!

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