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All You Need to Know about Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2017

All You Need to Know about Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is an Irish national apostle and the patron saint. Many people appreciate his contribution to the country because St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. On March 17, the entire nation honors the patron saint by celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. The holiday is also known outside the country and is usually celebrated worldwide.

Life of St. Patrick

The future patron saint of Ireland was born in the fourth century in a wealthy family. Until his adulthood, St. Patrick considered himself to be a pagan. At the age of 16, Irish marauders kidnapped him and sold as a slave. During his capture, St. Patrick started to serve God.

After 6 years of slavery, St. Patrick escaped and became a student in a monastery in Gaul where he spent 12 years. During his life in the monastery, he tried to convert Irish pagans into Christianity.

Dreaming of fulfilling his mission, St. Patrick traveled around Ireland. Although Celtic Druids were against new religion and tried to arrest St. Patrick, he always managed to escape.

After spending 30 years as a missionary in Ireland, he settled down in County Down where he passed away on the 17th of March AD 461.

Folklore and Legends

St. Patrick’s Day is widely associated with leprechauns, shamrocks, and the blarney stone.

Leprechauns are little fairies. According to the legend, a person who manages to catch a leprechaun may reveal where the creature hides a pot filled with gold. During Saint Patrick’s Day, many people dress up as leprechauns and hang pictures of these little fairies everywhere.

Shamrock is another name of a three-leaved clover. If a person finds a shamrock, it will bring lifetime happiness to him/her.

Blarney Stone is a stone in the Blarney Castle that is 90 feet tall. The legend says that a person who kisses this stone will become a brilliant speaker.

Celebration of the Holiday

Feasts in honor of St. Patrick are usually held in Irish pubs. People wear green clothes, watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade, dance, sing, and drink “green” beer. Children also have a tradition to punch other kids who are not dressed up in green.

Traditional food on St. Patrick’s Day are cabbage and bacon. Potato pancakes and Irish soda bread are also popular meals during the holiday. Apart from colored beer, people also drink Irish coffee with cream, warm whiskey, and sugar.

Use these facts about St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate the holiday to the fullest! Dress up in green and visit a pub to enjoy Irish beer or at least coffee. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a leprechaun or a shamrock. Who knows?

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