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9 Problems of Bespectacled People

December 19, 2016

9 Problems of Bespectacled People

I’ve had to wear glasses since I was five. In the years since that, every joke imaginable and every inconvenience were thrown at me. As you can see, I prevailed and can now share the list of things all people doomed to wear glasses have to suffer through. (Unless you’re wearing the fake kind for any hipster-y reasons, in which case I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.)

The "nerd" stigma

Sure, glasses can be pretty stylish nowadays, and if you’re a hot librarian, they only add to your appeal, but for the rest of us in high school, glasses were a major sign of geekiness and a red flag for unimaginative bullies. "Book-worm", "geek", and "nerd" were the most common labels attached, though my extensive Star Wars bobble head collection probably didn’t help either.

The foggy lenses

Any kind of steam will fog up your lenses. For instance, when you’re working with some chemical equipment, visiting the sauna, or simply trying to cook, you’re more likely than not to become a safety hazard for yourself and others. And don’t get me to enter a warm room after being out in the cold for a long time – instant temporary blindness!

The 'windscreen' effect

Some days I just wish a genius of some kind would invent tiny little window-wipers for our glasses and resolve this conundrum forever, but no such luck for me yet. Until this happy day comes, we’ll have to wipe our little windscreens ourselves, or just hope for the best, especially if we’re biking.

The expenses

In a recent ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ episode, the host tackled the issue of monopoly on glasses production and why they cost so freaking much. You can check the clip out on YouTube. The only conclusion I’ve made is that if I want something cool and stylish, I’ll need to roll out the big bucks.

Bespectacled sports

Tough luck if you have to wear glasses while still participating in any kinds of sports. Swimming goggles with prescription lenses cost a pretty penny, and there is no swimming in any semblance of a straight line without them. Ball games are tough too. People get shoved a lot, and it becomes a problem if the glasses on your face break every time you fall. Frames don’t grow on the trees.

Losing your glasses

Some of the most frustrating times of my life are connected with misplacing my glasses. I run around like a headless chicken and check all nooks and crannies. These matters are further complicated by the fact that I can’t see anything properly. If you’re a decent human being, you should help your friends in such situations, instead of laughing at them. Otherwise, prepare to get punched in the face.

Glasses are pretty inconvenient, but wearing them is like being in an exclusive club. We should find it enjoyable, especially cause we don’t really have a choice.


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