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7 Ways to Find the Best IT Job

October 2, 2017

7 Ways to Find the Best IT Job

Yes, IT specialists are in demand nowadays, but still let us be clear here: you want the best position ever, is that correct? If yes – check these tips on getting one! The guidelines are as simple as helpful, so do not waste time – start right away!  

  1. Brand is the key! Be sure that you get it right: it does not mean just posting your resume online, but the development and constructive maintaining of your personal brand online. Make sure you employ right keywords in your CV uploaded to IT job search engines as well as in your LinkedIn profile. You got both, right? If no, hurry up! Synchronization of all of the social media profiles, which you have, is also a good idea for quicker identification by HRs.
  2. A target list of the companies you are eager to work for. We recommend checking Glassdoor and Yelp reviews since they will provide you with the additional insight into your potential working place, which may be crucial when applying. Following the companies on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is also strongly recommended.
  3. Narrow searching criteria. There are lots of job vacancies, but you do not want to waste your time checking those which are not exactly the jobs of your dream or preferred locations. Hence, narrow your criteria in terms of the desired position, area and city.
  4. Social networking is a must. Active networking is essential at every stage of the development in your career, but it is a crucial aspect when you are looking for a new start. Keep in mind that social media channels make it easy to leverage the existing contacts and help in finding new ones. You either can be introduced to your potential employer, or get to know about a vacancy due to it.
  5. Ace it! If you do come there to get the job – come prepared. Thorough research of the company and smart answers to potential interview questions will certainly serve you well. Afterwards, do not forget about a personal thank-you note to the employer within 24 hours after the interview to thank for their time and meeting you.
  6. Work with a tech recruiter.  Yes, there are such, and you will be smart to cooperate with them. A specialized recruiter will introduce and present you, and will help you when a final decision is needed. Such experts usually have great relationships with employers, so you job searching process can be rather shortened.  You may be even the lucky one to get a job that has not been advertised yet.
  7. Stay positive as ever. Yes, searching for a new job can appear to be challenging and stressful. But positive attitude will add to your confidence, and this quality is an ultimate asset when searching for a top-notch job.

Believe in yourself, be special and consistent – your dream job is waiting for you!


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