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7 Essential Foods for Students

April 20, 2017

7 Essential Foods for Students

Ramen noodles, chips, and late night microwave trips have long ago became a staple of college life. However, that’s not a healthy diet for overloaded students who need brain power to excel at their studies. Here are some better, easily prepared options for quick nourishment.

Dairy products

These are cheap, require no cooking whatsoever, and can be used either as a snack or a part of breakfast. Dairy is jam-packed with digestible proteins, vitamin B, and other things that allow one to concentrate better. It’s also a pretty broad category of products, so everyone can find something to enjoy. Possible options include yogurts, milk, cheese, and even ice-cream, though the last two options might not be appropriate if you’re watching your weight.


Oats are basically the less popular cereal. They are certainly less tasty but only because they contain much less sugar and processed bits. As a healthy breakfast option, it’s very hard to beat outs. You can only digest them at a slower pace, which means that your body steady receives energy. Throw in some berries, fruit, or jam as a bonus and it becomes delicious.


Incidentally, berries, also known as nature’s candy, are full of nutrients. This is why they are so colorful! There are several studies that link eating various types of berries and improved memory capabilities, with blueberries identified as the most effective kind. You can eat them fresh or use your freezer to get a great year round snack.


 Admittedly, this is not the cheapest thing you can find in a supermarket, and a broke student is much more likely to prefer boxed mac & cheese. However, the benefits of splurging on salmon or any kind of red fish once in a while are immense. These fish are among the best sources of healthy fats and omega-3. You can’t get those anywhere else unless you use dietary supplements, and those get absorbed a lot worse.


You’ve got to be careful with these because eating too much can cause headaches, dizziness, and other adverse effects, but in small amounts, eating nuts is great for you. For example, walnuts help with critical thinking, logical reasoning, and making deductions, so eat them regularly to get your Sherlock Holmes on.


Yes, something this sinfully delicious can also be good for you. Chocolate increases your blood pressure and thus brings more blood to your brain. It also helps your organism produce more endorphins, which can improve your mood and fight against depression. Just don’t buy white chocolate. Not only is that stuff not actually chocolate, it also has no cocoa, which makes it virtually useless.


Caffeine in small doses helps you concentrate and stay energized. And if the taste disgusts you, try green tea instead. It has the same benefits being much milder.

While you are young, your body can overcome almost anything you throw in it. However, why not help it consuming healthy products?


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