7 Best Organization Tools

March 7, 2018

7 Best Organization Tools

Because of the abundance of work, assignments, and growing to-do lists, it is no wonder that people increasingly feel apprehensive and tense. Additionally, the amount of time we spend with smartphones only aggravates our already hectic pace of life.

Consider the Following Life management apps that will help you stay well-organized.

  1. Google Keep

For starters, you need the list app that keeps all your scribbles, to-do lists, and notes. Google Keep can not only store your notes but also provide some ways of their organization. For example, you can apply the same color for related notes or tag them with certain words. Accordingly, it will be easier to find everything that relates to "family," "work," "university," etc. Additionally, you can keep lots of note formats, such as text, lists with or without individual checkboxes, finger- or stylus-drawn scribbles, voice memos, and images.

  1. Cortana

Modern phones have their own digital helpers and even if you have access to Google Assistant or Siri, you also should pay attention to Cortana, not least if you deal with different devices or own a Windows 10 computer. All you need is to download this life management app and sign in with your Microsoft account.

By means of Contana, you can note things, make lists and set task reminders. The latter can remind you of to-do tasks when you reach a certain location. For example, it can remind you to buy bread as soon as you walk near a bakery, etc. Most importantly, Cortana provides you with up-to-the-minute news and accurate weather forecasts.

  1. Trello

Trello is one of the most reputable manage apps. The advantage of it is that it is multifunctional and can keep track of anything that needs tracking.

This service provides both mobile and web apps, and both work identically: you create digital "cards" and distribute them in columns. Each card may entail a household chore, a task from your to-do list, or an forthcoming calendar event.

Having defined your organization plan, you can make your individual cards more detailed to assure easier management. Give a description, make some colorful labels, and tag people who might be interested in the news and reminders.

  1. Smarter Time

To provide better organization of your life, you should be aware of how you spend your time. There comes Smarter Time particularly helpful. This app can track all your activities automatically and fill out spare time on the grounds of your habits and data from your phone's sensors.

Having started providing data for this app, it can give information on how you spend your day. And if you feel that you it is prudent to alter your activity balance, you can set customized aims and Smarter Time will help in their achieving.

  1. Todoist

Todoist is the list app that is available on all platforms with smart and insightful interface. It provides progressive features for those who look for them. For instance, it allows you to prioritize tasks. Additionally, you can arrange commitments by nesting them within one another so you will be able to separate work and personal items. For regular commitments like throwing out garbage or paying bills, you can set to-dos that will constantly remind you to do these tasks.

  1. Habit List

This is one of the most efficient time management apps for students that will conduce to your developing of good habits. To fulfill all of the above, you need to write down your goals on a calendar or schedule recurring desirable habits. Then this app will remind you of the task you have to fulfill and send you progress reports to track your achievements in developing desirable habits.

  1. Pocket

Quite often we spend too much time on the Internet as it offers so much interesting information. By means of Pocket, you can save a story you liked and read it when you have more spare time.

Pocket enables you to save articles in spite of where you found them. Additionally, you can also distribute your collected articles and videos into categories and then effortlessly find them.

The greatest advantage of this app is that it is available even if you do not have the Internet connection.


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