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6 Ways to Work Well in a Group

January 23, 2017

6 Ways to Work Well in a Group

The ability to work in a group is crucial because it’s what helped us to get from the caves of the prehistoric era to the technological supremacy of the 21st century. Only work in the group can produce synergy, which means that the people who work together have the potential to bring much more results than when they work separately. Of course, it requires a certain understanding and emotional intelligence. Let’s take a look at top six things that make group work pleasant and easy.

Allow Extra Time

You probably know people who are always late whenever they go. Not only they are late, but they also always have tons of excuses to explain their delay. Unfortunately, such people can be a part of the group that you will work with. When working with such people, you should tell them to complete the work before the actual deadline, so that even with their never-ending delays, it will be possible to complete the project on time.

Adapt the Task to the Group

Let’s imagine that you’re working on a project, which is connected to the Tudors. And you’ve been already studying them for 12 weeks. And all of you probably already know the same amount of information about the Tudors. How should the team work look like in this case? Study the strengths of each group member. If someone is a musician, he/she can open your presentation by playing music. If someone’s good at creating graphics, this person can create great images for your presentation. Let those who are good at writing prepare the text and those who are good at presenting – present it.

Try Active Listening

Active listening is when a person attentively listens to someone and then repeats in order to check if he/she understood everything right. It helps in big groups when someone suggests something that no one else understands.  

Get Someone to Be in Charge

A leader is not someone who commands. A leader is the one who has a vision and leads. Groups without a leader can end up with zero achievements. When selecting a leader for the group, look at the qualities of this person. If he/she is wise and generous, as well as has integrity and the will to make things happen – this is a good candidate. 

Find a Suitable Space

It’s great if you have booths in the library that were designed for group work, but unfortunately, not many students have this chic. You should look for an empty classroom or work at someone’s home.

Use Appropriate Technology 

Technologies allow us to be more efficient and make things happen faster. Now in order to make a meeting, it’s not necessary to be in the same room. Consider using:  

  • Google Docs and Google Chat
  • Skype or Viber
  • Dropbox and Evernote 
  • Glip or Slack

When working in the group, always seek a compromise and a consensus. It’s the key to success.


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