500 Word Essay

If you are assigned to write a 500 word essay for college or university that means you will have to do some research to get enough material for producing a presentable essay. Once the research is completed, you have to write a brief plan before beginning your work on the draft. Remember that editing and revising the paper is an essential part of the writing process.

Visit the library and look for some books that cover the issue you are researching. You can make notes during this work – this will help you. Also, you can make several note cards – title each of them with your topic headings. Do not forget to make notes related to this topic.

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To better understand how to write a 500 word essay prepare an outline using those note cards. Head each point of the outline with topic headings and divide the whole paper into paragraphs with the help of an outline. Start each paragraph with “A” or “1” and develop the topic with subheadings, which broaden your topic sentence. Doing a research and working on an outline will help you create a thesis statement.

The thesis statement should highlight the main idea of the entire paper. In this statement, you need to introduce the subject of your writing and tell the readers what you are going to write about. You need to be able to support the thesis statement with strong evidence that you have got during the research.

Read your thesis statement several times and start writing down common thoughts and ideas that it arouses. Use the notes you have made when working on an outline. Move thesis statement to the end of the first paragraph. When writing the thesis statement and the introductory paragraph of 500 word essays, you can use background information from your research.

The second paragraph should have a more specific beginning and content than the introductory paragraph. This is the first “body paragraph” of the paper. The topic sentence of this paragraph should be supported with some examples. Using this tactics, write a few next “body paragraphs”. In each of them, you have to present more specific evidence to support the thesis statement.

When you are writing the concluding paragraph for your 500 word essay length, restate the thesis. Write down statements which support it. Finish with a sentence that makes a common statement about the thesis.

When the writing is complete, proofread your 500 word paper. Read it aloud to help yourself detect mistakes more easily. Correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Ask someone to assist you – a fresh set of eyes is able to find errors faster.

Create a reference list, by including each resource that was used during the research. Remember about proper formatting.

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