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5 Ways to Stay Safe While in College

November 24, 2016

5 Ways to Stay Safe While in College

Emergencies often happen unpredictably. That is why it is better to be prepared beforehand to behave quickly and rationally. Stress and suddenness mix your thoughts up within untypical situations, and the best weapon is to have a strategy for every of the most common safety threats. Especially practical, they are for the freshmen, who are just accommodating to their independent student life.

Essential College Campus Safety Rules

  1. Lock everything: door, windows, car, laptop, cell phone. You would never leave your home open. Thus, your room should be closed too. There is no need to let anyone you do not know enter it, especially when you are alone. Be especially attentive to the windows too. Do not forget to close them, when you leave your apartment. Things cost much today. That is why it is also better to lock your computer, laptop, and cell phone. It will make them less attractive to thieves and those of your friends who have no respect for personal information of others.
  2. Be attentive with your keys. Even if your roommate has them too, it is irresponsible to lose or leave them somewhere. Someone can only make a copy of them and enter your room or house without efforts. Consequently, after each loss, you will have to waste your time and money on the new lock installation, though, your reputation is harder to fix.
  3. Never stay away alone at night. If you aim to go somewhere, take a friend with you and do not economize on the taxi. Your safety is beyond price. It is better to drink or eat less, but do not risk life by backing home alone at night.
  4. Make and save a list of emergency telephone numbers. Keep it in your cell and notebook, in the case that your phone is lost. The workers of emergency services will provide you with instructions on how to avoid problems in future and redeem the current situation. This list should contain more than just emergency and police numbers. The phones of your credit card operator, family doctor, insurance company, closest relatives and friends, taxi and repairing services must always be at hand.   
  5. Let somebody always know where you are. Starting an independent life can develop the inordinate sense of independence in you, but do not let yourself be seduced. No one can tell you what to do, but someone should know where you are going to and when do you plan to come back. It is the measure of your safety. Unpredictable situations happen with people every day. You cannot rely solely on your good luck. Reinsure yourself!

Apply my best safety tips, and you will avoid many annoying troubles in future. God protects those who protects themselves. You are independent now. It means that your responsibilities and duties triplicate. Parents can’t bear an air bag near you anymore. It is your turn, so complete it with dignity and proper preparation.    


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