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5 Tips to Become a Better Reader

December 6, 2017

5 Tips to Become a Better Reader

Reading is essential for students who want to be successful and gain a lot in future. Children are forced to read since elementary school (considering that reading is the most important subject in their curriculum). It is very necessary for college students in their academic career.

Undoubtedly, you can read. However, the question is whether you read well? Take a look at 5 tips to improve your reading skills, comprehension, and speed.

Is it really necessary to read?

During some courses, you will be assigned different readings (or textbooks) to cover. Some professors may them “required” even if the material is completely covered in class or irrelevant to your performance. It doesn’t mean that everything is optional for you, but that you need to learn how to set priorities. You choose which textbook to read, which material to go through or pass over.

Consider your setting

Everybody is different, and therefore, everybody can work or study in a different setting. Some students get easily sidetracked when friends or other people are around. Noise levels and visual distractions may affect the level of your concentration on reading. Try to figure out which setting (and atmosphere) makes you the most focused and efficient.

Select the right reading format

Nowadays, you can find almost all texts in multiple formats. Again, it is a matter of preferences. Some people may like ebooks while others prefer holding a “live” book.

If you go for a physical book so you can highlight, underline, and write in the margins, remember purchasing the textbook at the beginning of your school year. However, if you’re doing a research basing on this book, you should have its digital version since it saves time copypasting quotes into your paper.

Read actively

When you’re reading something important (tip 1), try to actively engage the material. Considering a textbook, you can simply answer the chapter questions so that you go through the main points briefly. If it s a fiction book, identify the main characters and analyze the plot and its development so that you can easily discuss the text in a class.  For a literary work, analyzing things like plot, setting and character development as you go will help you discuss the work later. Comprehend whatever you are reading.

Do it often

Social media has made it easy to be informed in a particular sphere of interests. Start following some reputable sources on Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest and go through the eye-catching articles. It will make you well-informed and familiar you with terminology so that you are able to assess the research usefulness.

When at college, the student takes the ability to read well for granted. So, if your reading skills need improvement, follow these simple tips.


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