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5 Tips for Improving Your Writing Skills

September 11, 2017

5 Tips for Improving Your Writing Skills

Writing is one of those things that almost everyone is familiar with. However, not that many people can confidently say that they take pride in their writing skills. Even though many find it challenging, writing is still a fundamental part of the studying process. To make it go easier for you, check out these five writing tips.

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There is a great correlation between reading and writing because the more you read, the better your writing skills become. Through this activity, you can learn how to use words in an effective way, encounter new sentence structures and enrich your vocabulary. Eventually, your brain accumulates so much information that when you sit down to write something, words just spill out by themselves. It doesn’t really matter what you read as long as you’re interested in the material and do it regularly.

Give life to your words

A good writer can spice up even the most boring sentence, and that’s a skill anyone can develop with some practice. Sentence structure is one of the ways you can change the perception of your writing. However used you’re to the common order of words, a bit of shifting can make a dramatic difference. Using synonyms instead of common words can also enhance your writing and make it more original.

Plan your work

Diving head first into writing assignments might work for some people, but it’s not the most productive approach. If you don’t plan your work, you might end up in a position where you need to rewrite everything because your ideas weren’t thought through. Instead, before beginning your writing, sit down and make a plan of your text. Don’t worry about the structure, use the keywords and they will guide you through the process of writing with ease.

Edit later

Handing in an essay that you haven’t proven can cause you a lot of trouble, so always make sure you have enough time to edit. Proofreading is the most fruitful when done a bit later after the work is finished. If you can afford yourself the luxury of some extra time, go for a walk, do some other homework, or just simply switch your attention to something else. When you come back to edit your writing, you’ll see it from a whole new perspective.

Write, write, and write

Practice makes perfect is a hackneyed phrase but it holds the truth nevertheless. Only some people are born with an innate ability to compose marvelous pieces of writing – for the rest great writers, it’s the result of hard work and years of experience. Being a student, you obviously won’t aim for that goal, but even the weakest writing skills can be polished with practice.

So don’t be afraid to write whenever you need to do it. The more experience you get, the more honed your skills will get.

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