5 Paragraph Essay

The structure of 5 paragraph essay is very simple and widely used in nearly all schools, colleges and universities. Using this technique, you will find that writing the most complicated essay is very easy. You will be very surprised when you see how simple the five paragraph essay structure is. It consists of the introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, three body paragraphs with main points that the writer is arguing in the thesis, and the concluding paragraph with a brief summary.

You should start your writing with an introductory paragraph where you briefly tell the reader what you are going to write about and give him/her background knowledge that is important for understanding the content of the paper. Keep this information clear and short. This paragraph is your opportunity to catch the reader’s attention so make it interesting. Avoid such common used phrases as “Since the beginning of time” etc. This paragraph should end with a thesis statement that introduces your argument, which will be developed in the body of the paper.

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When working on 5 paragraph essay outline, you should think of your thesis statement very thoroughly. As usual, in case of five paragraph essays, the thesis consists of three parts, each of which represents a topic for every body paragraph. College students have to avoid simple thesis constructions like “In this essay I am going to prove…” and try to create more complex arguments like “While the library is also a place where students socialize, the lounge is the best place for students to spend their free time since it provides an open and free space for students to interact in a non-academic setting.”

In the following body paragraphs, you have to develop a strong argument and provide concrete details to support it. Each paragraph has to begin with a topic sentence, which briefly tells the reader what he/she should expect in the paragraph, and end with a transition to the next paragraph. If there are too long paragraphs, a short summary may also occur as the last sentence. Remember to support each of your points with a concrete example from outside sources, which is properly cited. These examples prove to the reader that your argument is solid.

When you are wondering how to write a 5 paragraph essay, it is very important for you to learn how to end it with a concluding paragraph. In this paragraph, you have to reiterate the thesis, but not directly. You should understand that a concluding paragraph serves to give an essay a sense of completeness, that is why simply restating the thesis does not work here. Some professors ask to write a brief summary here, while others want students to give an answer to the issue that is discussed in the paper. If the topic of your essay is some historical event, it might be pertinent to point to what happened after, and if the topic of the paper is a current social or environmental problem, you can talk about future in the concluding paragraph.

You can find different kinds of 5 paragraph essay template. These can be informative essays where the writer throws out various topics to write about. These also can be compare and contrast essays, where the introductory paragraph contains a thesis that talks about two issues, body paragraphs that compare them, and the concluding paragraph that contrasts the two points and sums up the entire essay. These might also be cause and effect essays, where the introductory paragraph introduces the cause, three body paragraphs talk about effects, or vice versa, and the concluding paragraph offers solutions to the discussed problems, or just contains brief conclusion. In general, there are various ways to complete a five paragraph essay, and everything depends on the topic of the paper.

High school, college and university students are assigned a task to write 5 paragraph essays very often. However, some professors actually want more from their students that just a simple five paragraph format, so you should always ask your professor if you have any doubts about the format he/she prefers.

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