5 Forgotten Fantastic Novels You Should Read Immediately

June 26, 2018

5 Forgotten Fantastic Novels You Should Read Immediately

Are you a fan of fantasy prose and like to plunge into magical worlds sometimes? Do you feel like you have already read all the best fantastic novels written in our world? If you answer “yes” to both questions, then this article is for you!

In fact, the genre of fantastic literature has loads of books that have been forgotten for one reason or another. Of course, some of them were ignored by the masses simply because they were not that good. However, there are certain books that are, in fact, brilliant, even though they have been ignored for some time! They have inspired those who have been lucky to find and read them, and if you are a science fiction enthusiast, they are must-reads for you, too.

You might want to ask why these books are inspiring. Well, there are a lot of reasons. They are very well-written. They have the sense of proportion, as well as the sense of humor. They let you dive into the beautiful atmosphere of the fantastic world and introduce you to exceptional characters. What else do you need from a good book?

Are you ready to try and see for yourself how a forgotten book can become inspirational for you personally? Then take a look at this list, choose one of the books, which you will read first, and dive into the world described in it. 

Phantastes, George MacDonald. This book starts with its protagonist, a young man, coming across a key to an ancient secretary in a library. He uses this key to open the door and sees a back wall. It turns out to be a false panel that can be opened with the help of a pin hidden there. He finds this pin and his journey begins. 

This book was published in 1858 in London. While reading it, you will constantly feel as if you are in a dream that sometimes turns into a nightmare. It seems to be both real and fanciful. This fantastic novel inspired a number of good writers, including C.S. Lewis, who purchased it as a 16-year-old kid and, as he stated later, he could not realize back then how it was going to affect him as a writer.  

Masters of Atlantis, Charles Portis. The main character of this book, whose name is Lamar Jimmerson, is up to a huge change in his life. He joins the Gnomon Society and, as a member of it, goes on to preserve the secret knowledge of Atlantis. The members of the Gnomon Society arrange their meetings in trailer parks and wear their pointy hats that they call Pomas. Telluric Currents affect them a lot and they sometimes get together in their temple in Indiana. They are people, so they certainly fall in love at times, but often it does not end as good as they wish. And, at some moment, the Senate creates a subcommittee to investigate the issue. 
This book has very well-elaborated characters, so those writers who would like to learn the craft of creating books will be especially interested. 

Looking for the General, Warren Miller. This novel is one of the best novels about conspiracy theories. It saw the light in 1964, immediately after President Kennedy had been assassinated. Talking about this book, some people called it the cooperation between the Coen brothers and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Most likely, it paints a picture for you of what kind of book it is. 
If you think that this mixture of styles will be interesting to you, go ahead and read it. But remember, if the authorities ask you whether you know anything about this book, better say that you have no idea what it is and what General Warren Miller was looking for. 

Doom, William Gerhardie. If you are into science fiction and you have not heard about this book, then how dare you tell that you are into science fiction? Better read it as soon as possible! With the help of this book, you will witness so many events and objects, from flying cars to the destruction of our planet by mad scientists.
If you still doubt whether you need to read this book or not, think about how many renowned writers were inspired by Gerhardie’s novels. The list includes but is not limited to Grahame Greene, H.G. Wells, Vladimir Nabokov, and Edith Wharton. Are you convinced now?

That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis. It is so weird that even one of the books written by C.S. Lewis could be forgotten. However, it is true, because so few people have actually read “That Hideous Strength”. But, according to some individuals who gave it a go, it is one of the greatest novels written by C.S. Lewis. When you are reading it, it gives you a lot of food for thought and ensures you that the best time to give up fighting is… never. 
A couple of words about the plot of the book: the story takes place in England, at a lovely small university located in the countryside. Even though the setting seems to be serene, the nightmare is doomed to begin. 

Go ahead and read these fantastic stories that inspired so many others and let them inspire you, as well!


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