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4 Tips for Smarter Snacking in College

December 4, 2017

4 Tips for Smarter Snacking in College

For many people college becomes the place where they develop lots of bad habits, especially eating habits. Some people are able to get rid of them, while others unconsciously carry them throughout their whole life. Unfortunately, these habits make us sick and shorten our lifespan. The question you need to ask yourself today is – am I going to let these habits shorten my life or I will develop new habits that will take care of me, instead of destroying my health? If you want to develop healthy habits – this article is for you. Below you will find the top 4 ways that you can snack healthier in college.

Control Snacking

Some people wonder where all these pounds came from? Well, they better watch their tricky minds closer! Saying “Oh, that’s nothing, that’s just a little snack” after eating two big slices of pizza is completely irrelevant. One apple or a little bit of yoghurt with nuts is a snack, while 2 pieces of pizza or humus with pretzels is not. Control how many snacks you eat and control their size because it’s better to eat one healthy meal than 3 big snacks.

Pack Snacks

It’s better to prepare healthy snacks by yourself because if you don’t, chances of getting healthy food outdoors will be much lower. If you know that you get hungry between 1 pm and 3 pm, then make sure to have a granola bar, fresh fruit, a small sandwich or some nuts with you. If you can get these items from your dining hall, it eases the task greatly.

Aimless Study Snacking

Studying makes a lot of students anxious and stressed, that’s why they tend to turn to aimless snacking. Needless to say, this habit will have a negative impact on your health. But it doesn’t mean that you should abstain from it completely. Firstly, choose healthy study snacks (mix of almonds and craisins for instance) and secondly limit the portions so that you don’t overeat. Limiting portions means that you shouldn’t bring a whole bag of M&Ms to your study session, a small handful will suffice.

Snack When Hungry

It’s so obvious, yet few people follow this simple rule. Why should you fill your stomach with food when it doesn’t ask for it? It’s like when someone gives you something on the street against your will when you don’t ask for it. How would you feel about it? Now you know what your organism feels when you feed it with food it doesn’t ask for. You should be very conscious if you’re hungry or not and start snacking only in the case when you feel hunger. Otherwise, you will end up eating to eat which will lead you to obesity and health problems. People usually do this when they link food to their emotions. If you’re doing this as well it’s about time to break that nasty habit!

Get healthy while you’re young and the older you will be very grateful!


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